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Gavin and Stacey

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It's hard to believe that the first ever episode of Gavin and Stacey (aka the best EVER BBC series in the whole entire world) aired ten years ago to this day. The genius format - the brain child of Ruth Jones and James Corden - blessed us with some of our most treasured TV characters of all time and we still can't watch an episode without laughing until we ugly snort cry.

Tbf, we can't even imagine a world with no Smithy, no Pam and Mick (couple goals), no Uncle Bryn, no Nessa, no baby Neil the baby - and we wouldn't have learnt some veeeery important things about long distance relationships and the complexity/simplicity of family dynamics.

James Corden – who's now a massive Hollywood star lol – marked the occasion with the cutest message.

He wrote: "Ten years ago today the first episode of Gavin and Stacey aired on @bbcthree ! It all makes me rather emotional x"

23.When Doris gave Stacey some very important first date advice

Maybe a cheeky finger?

22. When Smithy had a toilet brush disaster

Smithy woz ere.

21. When Smithy was spot on about ordering takeaway with a number of people

We still stand by this, ten years later. Sharing ain't caring.

20. When KFC got REALLY SEXY

We've never been able to look at a corn on the cob in the same way ever since.

19. When Smithy and Rudi rapped American Boy

Actual perfection.

18. When Nessa taught baby Neil a very important lesson in politics



**17. When Pam was all of us when we're pissed **

**16. The secret hidden mystery of the fishing trip **

Will we ever find out?

15.When Byrn pulled off the barn dance

"Surprise, surprise, surprise, SURPRISE!!!"

**14. When Dawn and Pete renewed their wedding vows **

'Excuse me if I've forgotten what romance looks like you pathetic lump of shit.'

13. When Doris gave no f*cks about the salad


12. When Bryn taught us all we needed to know about social media


11. When breakfast got veeeeery awks

10. Smithy and Rudi perfectly summing up what it's really like to be siblings


Are you even related if you don't try and kill each other 826 times a day?

**9.The elusive Lucy **

'I will loolabella mozzarella.'

8. Pam being ‘vegetarian’

7. When Nessa and Smithy named baby Neil after Noel Edmunds


gavin and stacey

5. The time Pam and Mick got drunk and had a cigarette

'You haven't smoked since 1981!'

4. Nessa’s wedding outfit


3. Every moment with Smithy’s mum Cath ("The woman is a MESS")

2. When Dawn and Pete failed to have a threesome

gavin and stacey

1. When Stacey told Gav the good news

'I'm pregnant! My balls work! I'm pregnant! My balls work!'

Has it really been ten years? We feel very old.

And despite Ruth and James ruling out the possibility of catching up with our favourite, Rob Brydon recently admitted that he is willing to doanything to help change their minds:

"Just one Christmas special, that would be nice. In the past I’ve always said I don’t want to do anymore because I wanted to leave it on a high, but I must admit, mellowing in my old age, I’m thinking now, it would be lovely because everyone likes each other. We’ve lost Maggie who played Doris, she’s gone now."

Rob added that even though they're all busy, they still love each other very much.

"I’m very proud of the show. And I love playing Bryn, so who knows. I wouldn’t rule it out."


The SM Live reunion is officially happening!!!

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