Is Gemma Collins back in TOWIE for good?


Gemma Collins

by Georgina Terry |
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Gemma Collins, fan favourite, came back to TOWIE in Sunday's episode.

The reason for her return was a tear-jerker, she "broke out of boot camp" to comfort Bobby Norris at a party to celebrate the life of his little dog Beau who was mauled to death.

But while the reason was terrible, her being back was magnificent.

And it doesn't look as though it was a one-episode wonder.

Gemma has posted to Instagram that she was filming again on Monday:

She was also very excited about her return to Sunday's show:

AND is not averse to stoking the rumour flames about a long-term return:

But what would Gemma's storylines be if she came back?

One word: Arg.

We were always into the GC / James Argent romance, possibly more than he was, and so it would be great to see these two have a second chance at romance now that Lydia has 100% definitely for sure this time no-she-means-it ended her and Arg's relationship.

Although, thinking about it, Arg didn't treat Gemma very nicely, so maybe it's not the best idea.

Gemma Collins

We'd also love Love LOVE to see a Megan McKenna / GC showdown. Can you even imagine it? Or perhaps the two of them could form an alpha female mega-alliance, now Megan's BFFs Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green have done the dirty on her.

And Gemma could have a word with Mike Hassini about slagging Megan off for the temerity of having her photo taken with boys on holiday, plus knock some sense into Dan Edgar and Tommy Mallet over their stupid fight.

Yes, we're expecting a lot. But she's the GC! She conquers all! Except the jungle.

*TOWIE continues tonight at 10pm on ITVBe. *

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