Exclusive! Geordie Shore cast respond to THAT Sarah Goodhart video slamming the show

She claimed the producers are taking "broken people and thrusting them into a negative environment where drama is encouraged."

SARAH Goodhart

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Last week, Sarah Goodhart uploaded an explosive 18-minute long video to her YouTube channel, in which she slammed Geordie Shore and reality television in general.

She called the industry “corrupt” and says being on shows pushed her “so hard to the point of near insanity”.

Sarah claimed that producers look for unstable and vulnerable people, saying: “they’re taking broken people and thrusting them into a negative environment where drama is encouraged."

She also opened up about her struggle with anxiety and depression, saying: “I’m downright depressed. I should never have been in that environment in the first place but I’ve got no money.”

She also claims she wasn’t given her anaemia medication for three days due to a busy filming schedule.

You can watch the full video below.

We caught up with the Geordie Shore gang, ahead of the show’s return next Tuesday, to ask them what they made of the video.

Chloe Ferry said: “I just think some people aren’t meant for Geordie Shore. You’ve got to have thick skin to be on telly because you are going to get hate and stuff."

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And Abbie Holborn, who Sarah came runner-up to in the competition to become the next newbie, added: “I spoke to her about it and just asked if she was alright, and she said she’s absolutely fine.

“She said the reason she did it was because she didn’t want the public or everyone to think she was this psycho that she thinks she’s been made out to be.”

And Scotty T added: “It’s the moment you let other people dictate on how you feel.

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It’s like with me, people might think I’m a dick, which they probably do, and I just didn’t care. She takes it to heart but that’s only because she’s new to the whole thing, she would take one little thing and like read into it then once you start reading into it, you let it get the better of you and it takes over you.”

Geordie Shore premieres Tuesday 29th August at 10pm, only on MTV

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