Geordie Shore to welcome MORE new cast mates

Sophie Kasaei's spilled the beans

Sophie Kasaei LS

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Hold onto your ‘babs, the Geordie Shore house will be swelling in numbers for series 16, and we’re not talking about Gary Beadle’s baby.

Original cast member Sophie Kasaei broke the news, although she seemed less than thrilled about it.

“I do know for a fact that there's going to be new people and that's what scares us,” she said.

Remember when Sophie told Chloe Ferry that Marty McKenna had fingered Zahida Allen in a taxi because she felt intimidated by the newbies? #neverforget.

Geordie Shore New Radgie Rampagae

“Welcoming new people to the family is hard work because you've got to teach them the ropes,” she continued in her column for new magazine.

Sophie, who went on a five-series hiatus from eight to Big Birthday Battle - making a permanent return series 13, could be the only housemate who’s been there from episode one if Gary Beadle leaves.

But Sophie’s not convinced that he will.

Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle

“Obviously there are rumours that he won't be coming back because Emma is having a baby, but I'd be devastated,” she wrote.

“I'm not prepared for Gary's leaving scene at all. I'd be a total wreck, I know I would. There would always be a place for him in that show.”

But who should join Geordie Shore? We’d still love to see a return for Sarah Goodhart, although she may have burned her bridges with that rant about the show.

“They’re taking broken people and thrusting them into a negative environment where drama is encouraged,” she said.

And we’re still not entirely sure why Sam Bentham had to leave. He was ace.

Geordie Shore continues on Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV.


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