Charlotte Crosby and Chloe Ferry break silence on THAT sex scene

Blimey, ladies.

Charlotte Crosby

by Georgina Terry |
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Charlotte Crosby and Chloe Ferry, the first and third best women in Geordie Shore, have finally talked about that ladies only romp during which Charlotte believed that Chloe stuck her tonge inside Charlotte's vagina.

The lasses have been getting increasingly fed up with the dick detectives' (self appointed) failure to capture any dick in the WHOLE OF NEWCASTLE so have been turning their attention on each other a lot lately.

Geordie Shore s12 ep 3

Viewers have already seen Chloe get it on with Chantelle Connelly, which was kind of a genius move to cock-block Scotty T.

And Chloe has also been doing her girl thing with Charlotte which led to Holly Hagan quitting the house.

So, are girls their thing now?

holly charlotte geordie shore

Sadly not.

"I am not a lesbian," said Charlotte.

"I actually like penis! Me and Chloe were just having a laugh. We are really good friends. We all have feelings for each other."

heat does not stick our tongue in our friends' vaginas but maybe we are just terribly old fashioned.

"That night was just one big massive laugh, which just happened to involve us fingering each other. But we are not lesbians. We are not even bisexuals!" Charlotte told Geordie Shore's confession cam.

"We did stuff under the quilts like what porn stars do! We are embarrassed by it - but we'll get over it," Chloe added.

"Anyway, we were the only ones getting action in the house that night so give it a break!"

And that is a very fair point.

*Geordie Shore continues tonight at 10pm on MTV. *

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