Geordie Shore: Charlotte Crosby and Marnie Simpson LAY INTO Kyle Christe – watch

Holly and Kyle have split up and the girls have words to say about Kyle. Bad words.

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So, Kyle has broken up with Holly Hagan for reasons we can’t quite fathom, other than them rowing literally all the time, and the girls have wasted zero time laying right into him on the Geordie Shore confession cam.

Marnie was the first to stick the knife in, saying: “I’ve always said that Holly can do better than Kyle, he’s a bit of a douche.”

She has you know, she’s long said that Kyle was a douche. Apart from that time she snogged him. That was weird.


Then Charlotte, of course, waded in, agreeing: “Holly can do better than Kyle, he’s a liar.”

To which Marnie replied, rather wonderfully:

“And he’s got a sandwich head.”

We have no idea but this means but YES! Sandwich head!

But will Holly be able to move on now Kyle has broken her heart and snogged another girl literally the night after they broke up?

Don’t hold your breath.

“Holly is totally and utterly obsessed with that boy,” says Charlotte.

“She says his name 1,000 times a day. I don’t know how this is ever going to be resolved, I feel like there’s going to be a lot of tears from now on.”

Still, Holly and Kyle get back togetherin the end. Sigh

Check out the confession cam, erm, confessions here. Now! If you fancy it like, no pressure.

Geordie Shore 1104 | Confession Cam: OMG! Kyle's Dumped Holly!?

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