Lillie Lexie Gregg speaks out on Geordie Shore ‘fix’ claims after ‘script’ leak


Geordie Shore

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We honestly don't think there's anything in the world that we at heat love more than reality telly (except Christmas, napping and those expensive boxes of biscuits you get from Marks & Spencer), but we're very aware it's hit with new claims of 'IT'S A FIX!' on a practically daily basis.

Just look at this year's X Factor

Geordie Shore was recently on the hit list after a document was leaked online that the tweeter claimed to be a page of a script from the show left lying around.

We couldn't for the life of us work out what it meant - Is Geordie Shore indeed a fix? Was the person who posted it just bored and decided to make a fake script for the lols? Or is it real and actually probably necessary for reality shows to prevent stars from sitting about discussing food and internet memes (basically all we talk about in the heat office)?

Probably the last one, TBH.

And this is something Lillie Lexie Gregg (who regularly appeared in the show when she was with Gary Beadle) concurred with when heat questioned her about it at a Foxy Bingo speed dating event.

Lillie Lexie Gregg

She told us: "I obviously was with Gary, and as far as I knew there were definitely no scripted scenes. They were just notes for the producer about the order on how they wanted things to run. When I was with Gary it was definitely no scripted things."


And speaking about Marnie Simpson's recent breakdown on the street (when she reportedly said she didn't want to go back to this house) Lillie said: "It's really hard to be on that show and being in a relationship because that's not what the future is about. So I can imagine that… she was maybe feeling a bit under pressure."

Lewis Bloor seems to agree, as he recently told us that he wants her to LEAVE the show (read more here).

Lillie's had a pretty horrid time of it this year after her actual boyfriend Stephen Bear cheated on her in CBB, and she found out Gaz had cheated while on Ex On The Beach, so we were really pleased to hear she's settled and happy with a new guy in tow.

She said: "Me and Gary are just fine. I've got a boyfriend, he's got a girlfriend. We're absolutely fine. But we're both just doing our own thing."

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