Lawks! Geordie Shore’s Greg Lake: Where is he now?

Greg Lake: Geordie Shore

by Georgina Terry |

Hey, Geordie Shore fan!

Remember Greg Lake from Geordie Shore season one and two-part special Magaluf Madness?

Of course you do!

He was the one who seemed relatively normal amongst the waxed hair, teased eyebrows and fake tan. Of the other boys.

Greg Lake: Geordie Shore

He left the show after just one series and one special sadly, apparently feeling that the booze and buckathaon of Geordie Shore was not for him.

But he will always have a place in our hearts.

And the memory of him taking off all his clothes except his socks to have sex is burned into our retinas.

Greg Lake: Geordie Shore

But what does Greg look like now?

Are you ready?


Yeah, not that different really. Still handsome, still not mega stacked, still seems to be swerving the fake tan.

Greg has been dating Hollyoaks’ Jennifer Metcalfe for years and years and - hot dang - they make a good looking couple.

Greg also seems to be hanging around in nite spots favoured by the Geordie Shore gang, including Tup Tup where Charlotte Crosby kissed Chloe Ferry which is less rude than it sounds.

Our extensive research (Instagram) also suggests that Greg spends a lot of time hanging around with rhinos:

And keeping rice in the fridge:

Not a bad life.

Do you remember Greg’s replacement, Rebecca Walker from series two? Have you seen what she looks like now? Aye-karumba!

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