Why did Holly Hagan call Charlotte Crosby and Chloe Ferry such TERRIBLE NAMES?

Hang on -shouldn't Charlotte apologise too?

Holly Charlotte Geordie Shore

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Yesterday, we revealed that the latest Geordie Shore episode would be an emotional one as Holly Hagan left the house after an explosive argument between her and Charlotte Crosby.

In case you missed it, the low-down of last night’s antics are as follows:

Charlotte and the dick detectives, which consists of herself and Chloe Ferry (because Holly STILL hasn't told the gang that she's back with ex-Geordie Shore-er Kyle Christie) couldn't find a single boy in Tup Tup to neck on with.

Geordie Shore s12 ep 3

The solution? Each other. And that’s when things got a bit on the messy side. Note: Messy is a massive understatement.

After failing to pull any lads, Chloe and Charlotte started rolling around raunchily in the middle of the club floor and getting-off with each other. Casual.

The passion continued in the taxi on the way home and that’s when Holly had enough and the biggest girl fight of the series so far kicked off.

Holly tried to stop the mortal pair as she didn't want them to “look like slags”, and Charlotte bit back saying that Holly has slept with every boy in the house - which isn't completely untrue.

holly charlotte geordie shore

The row lead to Holly LEAVING the Geordie Shore house :(

During the episode, both Holly and Charlotte tweeted while the events unfolded in front of our eyes, with Holly revealing why she wanted the girls to stop.

Holly tweeted: "When you've made a lot of mistakes yourself sometimes you just wanna stop your mates from doing the same. That’s all I can say on tonight’s ep".

All good intentions there right?

Charlotte also tweeted saying: "Don't like watching this bit" followed by: "Me and Holly had a bad time tonight but stay tuned... I have a lot of making up to do."

Chloe on the other hand didn't have much to comment on the episode, other than saying her and Charlotte are "like two peas in a pod" and realising investing in some dance lessons would be a good idea.

Charlotte also tweeted "Wow I’m watching next week @chloe_Gshore", which hints that there’s even more drama to come next week!

We’re not sure how much more drama we can handle. Only joking – roll on next week!

*Geordie Shore continues on Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV. *

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