Oh no! Does tonight’s Geordie Shore witness the end of the greatest love story of our time?

We’re talking about the beautiful love between Charlotte Crosby and Holly Hagan, of course.

Geordie Shore: Chartlotte Crosby Holly Hagan

by Georgina Terry |
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Sad news, Geordie fans.

Tonight’s show contains one ALMIGHTY bust-up between Geordie originals Holly and Charlotte. ☹

When Holly and Charlotte fight it feels like our parents rowing and Christmas being cancelled.


And what do the one-time BFFS fight about? Boys of course.


Specifically, Kyle, and Holly’s all-consuming relationship with him, leaving Charlotte out in the cold.

The row begins in a taxi home from a club, where Kyle has been ignoring Holly all night because Kyle is basically a bit of a tit.

What is it with Charlotte and taxis this series?

Holly moans to the ladies and Nathan – because Nathan only hangs out with the girls now, have you noticed? – about Kyle’s shoddy treatment of her, and Char loses her cool.

“All you do is talk about him who fks you off, who doesn’t fking care about you – you are obsessed,” Charlotte rants.

“I’ve been angry every single night since I’ve been in here Holly coz you’ve ignored us, you haven’t slept with us and all you talk about is Kyle every minute of every day.”

And the fight doesn’t end there, because of course it doesn’t.

Charlotte, still on the attack, tells Holly: “Someone needed to say it. We can’t just all keep going along living in Kyle and Holly World.”

And then Holly breaks our hearts, telling Charlotte: “So fk off. Don’t fking ever speak to me again…

“I’ve lost my best friend.”

Nooo! Girls! Don’t let a boy come between you. Especially not Kyle, who has all the personality and warmth of a cucumber.

Here’s hoping the girls make up. And soon, please.

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