Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan has done a cover of Kelis’ Milkshake AND IT’S GOING TO BLOW YOUR FACE OFF

Prepare to have a LOT of conflicting thoughts, because Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan has released her very first single.


by Emmeline Saunders |
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The 22-year-old reality star has covered Kelis's famous hit single Milkshake, but given it a massive Clubland twist. And the video. It's. Well, let's just say there's a bit in it where she licks frothy milk off some dude's beard.

Speaking about her single to* Zoo* mag this week, Holly said the idea behind it was to have a whole heap of fun with it.

"It's a bit 'Euro dance' and I'm not taking it too seriously," she said.

"I don't know how other people will take it either, but it was something I always wanted. If people have anything to say, I'd ask them if they've achieved what they dreamed of when they were a kid. If not, don't have a go at me!"

So… Milkshake first came out in 2003, when Holly would have been 11.

Is… is this what she's dreamed about ever since?

Did she imagine she'd be riding a mechanical bull and raking fit men with her pointy talons? Did Holly Hagan, at the age of 11, one day think she'd be licking frothy milk off some dude's beard?

The thing is, her voice isn't actually that bad - it's nowhere near Jordan-A-Whole-New-World territory.

And it's definitely better than TOWIE's Christmas charity single.

We daresay we might even do the big fish, little fish, cardboard box dance to it if it ever came on in a club.

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