Geordie Shore’s Sarah Goodhart SLAMS the show in 18-minute long video

“They’re taking broken people and thrusting them into a negative environment where drama is encouraged”

SARAH Goodhart

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Sarah Goodhart from Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach has heavily criticised the reality TV industry in a YouTube video called ‘The Truth.’

Sarah Goodhart

In the video, which is 18 minutes long, Sarah calls the industry “corrupt” and describes how being on shows pushed her “so hard to the point of near insanity.”

She says Sarah Harding’s experience in the Celebrity Big Brother house triggered her to make the video, which she’s been wanting to do for a while.

Sarah appeared in the most recent series of Geordie Shore, in which newbies were meant to fight for their place in the house – but she claims she was never told about the competitive element.

If she had known, she says, she would never have done the show.

Geordie shore girls

Speaking about the hiring process, Sarah says casters of the show look for unstable and vulnerable people who have anger issues and troubled upbringings, adding: “they’re taking broken people and thrusting them into a negative environment where drama is encouraged."

She talks of her struggle with anxiety and depression, which she says was severely worsened by being on the show: “I’m downright depressed. I should never have been in that environment in the first place but I’ve got no money.”

Sarah also claims her health issues were ignored during the show, stating she was not given her anaemia medication for three days due to a busy filming schedule.

Despite having an “emotional breakdown”, Sarah says she was just told to perk up and make the most of the experience.

In terms of her current situation, Sarah says she’s “up to her eyeballs” in debt, and is struggling to get another job after being portrayed badly on the show – which she claims is due to producers manipulating and editing things to make her look a certain way.

She says she was forced to say certain lines, such as one about fellow cast member Martin having a “donkey dick”.

She also says throughout the show producers favoured Abbie Holborn, who went on to win a place in the next series: “They made out that I had just met Scott when I went on the show […] but I’ve known Scott for years. Me and Scott started sleeping with each other two years ago. They knew in their head that Abbie would be the one to stay so obviously the edit was going to favour Abbie throughout.”

Sarah ends her video by saying: “The public are getting more and more vigilant to what goes on behind the scenes of these shows […] I don’t know how we can move forward and tackle this problem but I am going to have a good think about it.”

heatworld contacted MTV, who declined to comment.

You can watch the video below.


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