Geordie Shore: WHAT? Are Scotty T and Chloe Ferry back on?

Or has she just given him a friendly blow job?

Scotty T

by Georgina Terry |

BIG news, Geordie Shore fans.

Chloe Ferry has finally got her sweet Geordie prince, Scotty T, back.

Back in her mouth that is.

In last week’s episode, Scotty T told new girl Chantelle Connelly that he wanted her to be his girlfriend.

But, as we revealed yesterday, that was a BIG LIE.

And it appears that Chantelle has already figured it out as, in scenes from the next exciting instalment of Geordie Shore, it appears that the pair of them have fallen out.

And, as Chantelle and Scotty are no longer together, that gives Chloe an excuse - sort of - to sneak into Scotty’s bedroom and give him hand and mouth relief.

Geordie Shore s12 e4

You know what we mean. Come on, we said it at the top. A HAND JOB AND A BLOW JOB. Sheesh.

Chantelle is caught sneaking out of the boys’ bedroom by Nathan Henry, who confronts her about “sucking Scotty off”, but Chloe is unrepentant about getting with Chantelle’s kind-of man.

Geordie Shore s12 e4

“He’s mine, he’s mine, he’s always been mine,” Chloe says, because Chloe is deluded.

Will Chantelle take this lying down? LOL. What do you reckon? She is PURE RADGE.

Want to watch it now? You can!

Yeah, that was Holly Hagan in the clip. Her walk-out didn’t last long, did it?

*Geordie Shore continues on Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV. *

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