Geordie Shore is back! When it’s on, what happens and more…

Geordie Shore series 13 - everything you need to know

Geordie Shore

by Georgina Terry |
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Hold onto your undercrackers, Geordie Shore is back Back BACK for an incredible thirteenth series.

But will it be unlucky for some? Actually, yes.

But, first things first.

When is Geordie Shore series 13 on TV?

Geordie Shore returns at 10pm on Tuesday 25 October.

Tuesday night at 10pm seems to be the rudest slot on television. It's filled by Ex On The Beach when the Geordies are on hiatus.

What happens in Geordie Shore series 13?

Mate, we already know loads. Where would you like us to start?

Is Charlotte Crosby in Geordie Shore series 13?

Sadly, not. She bowed out of the show following the fallout from her ectopic pregnancy with Gary Beadle's child.

Who is in Geordie Shore series 13?

Beadle, of course. Plus Scotty T, Marnie Simpson, Chloe Ferry, Nathan Henry, Holly Hagan, Aaron Chalmers, Sophie Kasaei, KYLE CHRISTIEand Marty McKenna.

Has Marnie Simpson left Geordie Shore?

Dude, you're getting your dates mixed up. Marnie filmed Geordie Shore series 13 BEFORE she went on Celebrity Big Brother and met Lewis Bloor. And she's said that she'll return for series 14, despite having a boyfriend on the outside, which will make for interesting viewing (lies – it's well boring when people have partners on the outside).

Has Chantelle Connelly left Geordie Shore?

Oh boy, yes. Chantelle well and truly blazed her bridges on her way out and said that she wouldn't piss on her cast mates if they were on fire.

The ex-stripper says she left after falling out with show clowns Marty McKenna and Chloe Ferry because Chloe told porkies about her.

"I told Marty ‘I don’t think you like Chloe’ because he sleeps with birds behind her back all the time," Chantelle said in an interview with MTV.

"She [Chloe] also told me herself that Marty didn’t like her. So when she asked me what I thought, I told her then 'he doesn’t like you'.

"So then Marty comes up to me and says 'It’s your fault that me and Chloe aren’t together'."

What (else) happens in Geordie Shore series 13?

Chantelle snogs Gaz. We know! Apparently they had "three drunken pathetic kisses in Magaluf," despite Chantelle having a secret boyfriend outside the show.

And when she called a stop to the saliva sharing, Gary was not happy.

"Gary turned very bitter from the minute I stopped that. I noticed a big change in Gary, he wouldn’t speak to us…

"I’ve left on very bad terms with Marty, Chloe and Gary."

Where is Geordie Shore series 13 filmed?

Magaluf, Ibiza, Kavos and Ayia Napa, seeing as you asked. We always find the not-in-Newcastle series a bit… odd. But we've stuck with them so far, this one will be no different.

Which is ruder: Love Island or Geordie Shore?

Are we talking vomit and fighting? Then it's Geordie Shore, for sure. But in terms of banging? It's gotta be Love Island.

In fact, we're a little worried that Love Island has ruined us forever for other shows. Guess we only have a few weeks until we find out.

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