Geordie Shore Series 9 Episode 1 preview: Aaron and Scotty T are STILL fighting over Marnie!

Take a sneak peek at tonight's episode!


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IT’S BACK! Tonight sees the glorious return of our favourite Geordies tearing up the Toon on Geordie Shore – and we cannot WAIT to get it inside our eyes.

Sad news, obvs – Vicky Pattison is leaving after the end of this series, so you’ll have to enjoy the remaining time she’s on our screens as much as poss. But Newcastle oldies Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle, Holly Hagan, Charlotte Crosby and James Tindale will be returning, along with Scotty T, Aaron Chalmers and Marnie Simpson.

Take a look through the gallery below for a sneak peek ahead of tonight’s episode.


Geordie Shore Series 9 Episode 1 preview

Aaron and girl_21 of 6

Aaron and girl_2

Despite flirting with Marnie for most of the last series, Aaron's still keeping his options open - and he's been cracking onto another girl in front of the group.Aaron: I have spotted a fit girl and I am technically single so f**k it, I’m gonna go for it and ask for her number. Marnie is a gorgeous girl but until things go further I can do what I want.Marnie: I’m watching Aaron give a girl his number! What’s he doing? He is clearly playing games.Gary: Aaron’s got a girl’s number, and Marnie’s pissed. Let the fun begin!

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Aaron and Scott argue_2

But uh-oh - Scott's also interested in the same young lady Aaron had his eye on. How's this going to work then, eh? Aaron: I can’t believe Scott, the snake. I was grafting that girl at work so why does he think it’s OK to neck on with her? Fking sly prick - I thought we were mates.Scott: It turns out that the girl I am necking on with, Aaron got her number earlier. How was I supposed to know when I wasn’t even there? He can fking do one…Marnie: Getting a girl’s number is bad, but then to argue with Scott in front of us is even worse!

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Anna and Vicky tell housemates_1

Vicky and Anna head back to the house to break the news.James: In walk Vicky and Anna and Vicky has a smug look on her face. I wonder what happened?Charlotte: Anna has dropped the bombshell that Vick is team leader! This is like giving Satan a promotion.Holly: Vicky is like Margaret Thatcher but less dead and we are all her bitches.Vicky: I am going to milk this for all it’s worth.

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Anna and Vicky_1

Boss Anna has summoned Vicky for a 'chat'. Sounds ominous. But Anna's actually got some good news for Vicky...Anna: You're not here for anything wrong, Vicky.Vicky [to Anna]: Is this a date? Is this a date, Anna?Vicky [to camera]: Trying to lighten the mood with a bit of Vicky humour and it is going down like a fart in a f_cking spacesuit.Anna: This is a lunch meeting to discuss some important news. What I want you to be is my Team Leader.Vicky [to camera]: I was convinced she was giving us the boot and here I am promotion, new position. I am not being funny, but who the f_ck else was she going to choose?! I AM IN CHARGE, BITCHES! I can’t wait to get back to the house and let all my new minions that I am in charge of the house - suckers, peasants!

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Scott tells Marnie_3

And obvs, Marnie finds out about Aaron's dirty tricks. Through, er, Scotty.Charlotte: Aaron’s gone and done it again, he got a girl’s number and he’s kissed her! He’s turning out to be a right dirty dog.Vicky [about Marnie]: Poor lass, she has no clue that he has been grafting another girl.Holly: This is getting awkward we all know Aaron got a girls number at wrestling, but we want to give Aaron a chance to come clean.Scott: Aaron still hasn’t told Marnie, so f**k it, I will!

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Meanwhile, at the wrestling event for singles, Aaron's up to his old tricks again...Scott: This is meant to be a singles event, but the lads have as much banter as a fking pine cone.Aaron: I know we are supposed to be getting the singles together but I have spotted a lass that’s caught me eye so fk it, I am going to go for it. Work may not have been a success for the singles, but it has for me. I just hope none of the lads run back and tell Marnie.Scott: Aaron hasn’t said a word to me all day after accusing me of robbing a bird off him, well f**k it, if he wants something to be upset about then I’m going to tell the girls exactly what he has been up to at wrestling.

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