Glyn Wise from Big Brother 7 is set to become a BIG DEAL in Welsh politics

Actual Glyn from actual <i>Big Brother</i> is going to do actual politics

Glyn Wise

by Laurence Mozafari |
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Remember Glyn? Glyn Wise from Big Brother 7 - the same series as Pete and Nikki - where he learned how to boil an egg, changed his hair loads and had a not-so-secret tug in the shower.

COME ON. He was the youngest contestant ever, came second overall and he did this very raunchy magazine cover with heat back in September 2006.

Yeah, we were really into Big Brother back then

Remember now? GOOD.

Well, now little Glyn is all grown up and has become involved in Welsh politics.

After leaving Big Bro he went to uni, started working in radio and even presented a show called Glyn’s Virgin Voters, which WASN'T about virgins explaining who they were voting for. It also WASN'T a show exploring how Virgin's army of staff were going to vote in the upcoming election.

Glyn has been chosen to stand as Plaid Cymru candidate, the party that wants Wales to be separate from the rest of the UK and have its independence in the European Union.


You might recognise their leader Leanne Wood from the television debates during the general election. She's the one that kept talking about Wales, obvs.

Glyn now wants to swap telly and that for the Assembly’s Siambr, as he thinks he can do some good. We all know he's fairly compotent at "tasks" and staying in the same building for a substantial period of time, so maybe he'll be good at this politics lark.

He said: “I look forward to using my experience in reaching out to people across all communities, many of whom have become disillusioned with politics in recent years.

“I intend to use my knowledge of social media and the media generally to promote Plaid Cymru’s message to voters.

“Significant improvements need to be made in our NHS so that patients don’t have to wait so long to see a doctor or have an operation. The current waiting times are unacceptable.

“I come from a working class family in Blaenau Ffestiniog in Gwynedd and strongly believe that Plaid Cymru represents and stands up best for the interests of the working class.”

Cool. Well, erm, good luck, Glyn.

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