Gogglebox sisters: who are Ellie and Izzi Warner?

They're two of our faves

Ellie and Izzi Warner

by Marianna Manson |

We’ve been through quite the changing cast on Gogglebox over the last eight years since it’s inception in March 2013.

From the most memorable – Steph and Dom from Sandwich, anyone? – to those that didn’t go the distance, we’ve certainly felt like part of the Gogglebox extended family, all watching the telly together of a Friday night.

Two of the show’s firmest favourites are sisters, Ellie and Izzi, and their array of small dogs.

Who are Ellie and Izzi Warner off of Gogglebox?

Ellie and Izzi are sisters who live in Leeds and have been part of the Gogglebox family since 2015 – although it feels like way longer, doesn’t it?

Where do Ellie and Izzi live?

The house we see on the show is the Warner family home where older sister Ellie still lives. Izzi lives nearby with her partner Grant and two kids, Bobby and Bessie Rose.

Are Ellie and Izzi twins?

Nope – Ellie is the older sister at 29 and Izzi is two years younger at 27.

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Stephen and Pat

Stephen has been on the show since the very FIRST series, having previously sat next to his ex-boyfriend Christopher Butland-Steed, who departed in 2017. He's now joined by his mum Pat.

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What are Ellie and Izzi’s jobs?

As you may have guessed from her ever changing barnet, Ellie works as a hair stylist in Leeds and even has her own professional Instagram account, which you can follow here.

While Izzi isn’t open about her line of work, her Instagram says she’s an “aspiring domestic goddess” and she’s busy being a mum to her two kids.

Who are Ellie and Izzi’s boyfriend?

During peak lockdown when Izzi couldn’t head round to her sisters to film for Gogglebox, fans were treated to a few episodes featuring Ellie’s boyfriend Nate as a stand in – although their on-screen chemistry wasn’t up to the sisterly #bantz we were used to.

Izzi’s partner Grant seems to be a bit camera shy as we can find no trace of him on social media.

Who are Ellie and Izzi’s dogs?

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Between them Ellie and Izzi have four ADORABLE pups who regularly appear on their sofa with them for Friday night Gogglebox.

Ellie is the owner of two Italian greyhounds named Mick and Madge and a mini sausage dog called Morris.

Meanwhile Izzi and her family have Morris’ brother Fudge.

Are Ellie and Izzi on Instagram?

Of course! You can follow Izzi on Instagram here and Ellie on Instagram here.

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