OMG. There’s been talk of a Grease reunion and we can’t cope

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Grease, possibly the most important film of the last century, is a tale of young love, heartbreak and hickeys. We love everything about it and could watch it on loop FOREVA.

We've still got chills and yeah, they're still multiplying.

Grease is also a classic that should be left well alone. Remember Grease 2? Our point exactly. Although Grease: Live, that saw Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit and Vanessa Hudgens bring Grease to life once again, was pretty amazing and got us feeling all nostaligic.


And in the BEST NEWS EVER, there is now talk that Danny (John Travolta) and Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) could be teaming up for a special reunion to mark the film's 40th birthday next year.

Coz they go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong. Yeah we just googled that.

Speaking before collecting the Icon Award at the Fame Awards at Hard Rock Live in Las Vegas, Olivia confirmed that the pair have been thinking of ideas for the reunion:

"We are thinking up ways. Nothing to announce yet.

"Forty years anniversary of Grease, which I can’t believe. Time goes so fast. It is so exciting."

Yep, that's the sound of all our musical dreams coming true.

Fancy watching You're The One That I Want for the 278121826 time? Same.

Bring on 2018.


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