So THIS is what happened when Sophie Kasaei went into CBB


Sophie Kasaei

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Yesterday we brought you the LIFE CHANGING NEWS that Sophie Kasaei was entering the Celebrity Big Brother house in scenes to be aired in tonight's show.

And we can now reveal precisely what kinda shit went down when the Geordie Shore star / Marnie Simpson's cousin entered the premises.

In what sounds like the most exciting task ever, outsiders enter the house in an attempt to distract the housemates (LILLIE LEXIE GREGG COMES IN TOO, GUYS).

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It all starts when Sophie pops her head through some Gingham curtains of a strange little house (we expect that will become clearer later).

Sophie Kasaei
Sophie Kasaei

Marnie then rushes over to her, despite the task (which is so fair), and gives her a massive hug.

Sophie Kasaei


Sophie then says: "Marnie, I'm so proud of you. I was on the phone to your mam today and you've done so well. Keep doing what you're doing!

"Everyone's supporting you. Your mam loves you so much, all the girls love you!"


And she has some lovely words for Lewis Bloor (we're guessing she approves of their lil romance).

Lewis Bloor

She says: "All she’s done is smile, Lewis. Frankie, I know you look after her. She hasn’t really got that many people in here, so [I’m grateful] for you to be friends with her."

She also addresses the view held by a few (Heavy D) that their whole thing is a showmance.

"For everybody who’s saying this is a showmance, can I tell you something. My cousin’s not a liar, she’s not an actress, she’s real.

"So whatever is going on between [Marnie and Lewis], just let them be because they’re having a good time.

And how could anyone go into that house without addressing Lewis' ENORMOUS AND HAIRLESS peen?

Lewis Bloor penis

Sophie rounds off her appearance by pointing at him and shouting: "SCHLONG".

Lewis surprisingly looks all embarrassed by this – hun, you have literally got your dick out on so many occasions, don't get coy on us.

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