heat’s Big Night In with Lambrini: Here’s a recap of this week’s Strictly

From Mark Wright's snake hips to Pixie Lott's shimmying ribs: Catch up on all the drama from tonight's Strictly live show!


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Jake Wood danced the Quickstep

Walford's ladies' man has surprised (and seduced?) the great British public with his writhing snake hips Jake’s posture, fast feet, spinning around, PEGGY, Quickstep is like boxing?

Len Goodman said Jake was ‘fun and fast, everything the underground isn’t.’ Yup, Len compared Jake to the London Tube....

Nice, shiny Jake
Nice, shiny Jake

"The one that comes out first sets the bar- and you’ve set it high," he added.

"Business like efficiency, job done, on time," said Bruno.

Craig got a bit picky, telling Jake: "Your right foot turns out slightly more than your left."

"Quick, spirited," said judge Darcey.

And the scores....?

Len- 'EIGHT'

Bruno- 'EIGHT'


Darcey- 'EIGHT'

Sunetra Sarker danced the Viennese Waltz

Practicing the waltz in a children’s play park, because why not??

Sunetra looked like a Thorntons chocolate crossed with a reverse Guinness in her dancing frock!

Bruno told her that her "shoulders are too hunched" whilst Craig said the routine was ‘absolutely beautiful’.

The scores were:

Len- 'EIGHT'

Bruno- 'EIGHT'


Darcey- 'SEVEN'

Scott Mills danced the Charlatan

Scott covered his ears so he couldn't hear the judges comments, and probably just as well as when he danced he looked like an adorable dinosaur played by Simon from The Inbetweeners.

Craig had no mercy, telling him: "A 3 year old could have done it better."

‘The lift was crash bang wallop,’ said Len.

Len- 'FIVE'

Bruno- 'FIVE'


Darcey- 'FIVE'

Thom Evans danced the ChaCha

Thom had heat's Big Night In all hot and bothered with his hip thrusting.

Thom fist pumps

Len- 'SEVEN'

Bruno- 'SEVEN'


Darcey- 'SEVEN'

**Frankie Bridge dances the Foxtrot **

Frankie pulled out all the stops and brought on her baby boy Parker to share a dance during rehearsals, with fit hubby Wayne Bridge visiting too.

Awww, Parker learns his first dance steps!

Len said the girl band star danced "like butter on a hot crumpet." Great, now we need snacks.

"Really really gorgeous," said Craig.

Len- 'EIGHT'

Bruno- 'EIGHT'


Darcey- 'EIGHT'

Mark Wright dances the Samba

Gentleman Mark took partner Karen out in Essex- and brought out his infamous 'worm' move again! And we couldn't help but notice Mark's bouncy pecs!

Mark shakes his hips for the judges

The judges gave snake hips Mark...




Darcy- 'NINE

Simon Webbe dances the Viennese Waltz

The boy band member practised during Blue's tour, and Kristina’s barbie-esque, pink, candy floss dress kind of stole the show a bit.

Len said Si was ‘a bit hectic at times and it lacked smooth lyrical movement’

Following the rest of the judges comments, Craig seemed to lose the will to live, telling Si simply: "They’ve said it all, darling".


Bruno- 'SEVEN'


Darcey- 'SEVEN'

Judy Murray dances the Charleston

Lots of jumping around, flinging around , swimming around and, erm, being thrown around.

A breathless Judy made her way to the judges table where Bruno descrobed her as being "like the Titanic of Charleston". Oh dear...

Len- 'FIVE'

Bruno- 'THREE


Darcey- 'FIVE'

Judy got the lowest scores of the night :(

Caroline Flack danced the Paso Doble

Practising onstage at the Dominion Theatre and getting to grips with her very, very long skirt...

Really serious face all the way through, which wasn't helped by her rather intense (dodgy) eye makeup.

Bruno said she had a ‘feline quality in every move- wonderful and powerful performance’

Craig: ‘Empassioned… Full of highlights’

Len- 'EIGHT'

Bruno- 'NINE'


Darcey- 'EIGHT'

Pixie Lott danced the Samba

Pixie looked HOT in a pink sparkly costme and tooty-fruity headress. She looked even hotter when she stepped out on the dancefloor. HOWE DOES SHE MOVE HER BODY LIKE THAT!!!

Pixie makes her sassy samba face!

Highest score of the night went to cute lil Pixie, you go girl!!

Craig- ‘EIGHT

Darcey- ‘NINE’

Len- ‘NINE’

Bruno- ‘NINE’

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