Heat stars in tonight’s episode of the Keith Lemon Sketch Show

Keith Lemon knows talent when he sees it. Hollywood beckons next surely?

by Lucie Cave |
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We've seen Keith Lemon wearing moobs to morph into Simon Cowell and we’ve been treated to the glorious sight of his 'titty flap' as Miley Cyrus. But this week The Keith Lemon Sketch Show steps things up a notch and gets heat in on the act(ing). Although thankfully he didn’t make us wear any fake mammories.

Keith recruited heat’s Lucie Cave for tonight's episode and her acting skills are truly tested to the limits as she plays a very challenging role... as herself. In her blink-and-you'll-miss-it acting moment, Lucie is interviewing Antony Costa from Blue when all of a sudden he's accosted by two familiar looking people with cardboard boxes on their heads.

Fake Ant and Dec (Keith plays Ant with a giant forehead) pretend to surprise Antony but he’s having none of it and recognizes them straight away. They then proceed to swear their heads of at him, because in Keith Lemon’s world Ant and Dec have tourettes and can’t stop using the C word.

The real Ant and Dec are back on our screens this weekend with Saturday Night Takeaway featuring a proper undercover stunt on Olly Murs. We like to think they’ll start effing and blinding as soon as the cameras are off too.

Also in tonight’s episode of the* Keith Lemon Sketch Show* are new characters Doodles (Keith’s take on Art Attack), Secret Eaters and Loose Ladies (with Kate Thornton hosting and The Goonies sloth as guest). There are also guest appearances from Jonathan Ross, Verne Troyer, Ashley Roberts and Christine Bleakley as well we usual characters Kardashians (Khloe gets a new boyfriend), This Morning, Ed Sheeran, David Dickenson, Mark Wright and Urban Fox.

Watch the full thing in all its glory on ITV2 at 10pm tonight.

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