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Tonight in Geordie Shore there is what we strongly believe is the worst fight in the history of the show, and we've seen every single episode except Geordie Shore: Their Journey which we haven't quite managed to get around to yet.

Holly Hagan and Charlotte Crosby, AKA the Tinder generation's Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw, have a massive, horrible, awful, fall out.

Holly Charlotte Geordie Shore
Holly Hagan Charlotte Crosby

That in itself is not so unusual, Holly and Charlotte have a slanging match approximately every other episode of late.

What is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE is what Charlotte says to Holly.

The terrible turn of events come about when Charlotte tongues Chloe Ferry in Tup Tup.

Geordie Shore s12 ep 3

Which sounds a litle ruder than it is.

Charlotte is trying to mess with Gary Beadle's head, because of course she is, and Chloe just seems happy to be involved.

So far, so sure girls, sure.

However, Chloe and Charlotte continue necking on in the taxi back to the house, and that's when Holly loses patience with the pair.

"Right, stop it! You look like sl*gs," Holly tells them.

To which Char replies: "I’m not a slag! You are a slag!"


Geordie Shore s12 ep 3

"You’ve been with every boy in this house. Me and Chloe have only been with one each," Charlotte says.

Which is factually inaccurate, as Charlotte has at least smooched both Scotty T and Marnie Simpson.

And calling women slags is NOT OK. This is 2016, people! We can't be having with these 'Oh, that Gary he's slept with 1000 women - what a card' double standards.

"Charlotte has always been the one person who said I should never be embarrassed of my past and I should never be ashamed. And now, she’s trying to use my past against me. Make your f*cking mind up, love," Holly says in scenes that tug at our heart-strings.

And, unable to live with Charlotte anymore, Holly leaves the house. Nooooo!

Geordie Shore s12 ep 3

Remember when Chloe told heat that Holly was through with Geordie Shore? Yeah, that.

But will Holly be back this series? We will not stop hoping.

Plus, we've just remembered that Marty McKenna told heat that Holly's face falls when he enters the house, so she must return at some point. PHEW.

Geordie Shore continues tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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