Nikki Sanderson hints at Corrie return after dramatic Hollyoaks plot

She plays Maxine Minniver at the moment

Nikki Sanderson

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Hollyoaks actress Nikki Sanderson is a well-known face amongst soap fans. Having starred on the soap as Maxine Minniver since 2012, as well as her first foray into Soapland in Coronation Street as Candice Stowe from 1999 to 2005, it's safe to say she's dipped her toes in many soapy waters.

Being involved in plenty of dramatic storylines during her time in Hollyoaks, Nikki's character Maxine is currently at the centre of a controversial plot regarding Munchausen's Syndrome - a 'psychological disorder where someone pretends to be ill or deliberately produces symptoms of illness in themselves,' according to the NHS.

Nikki Sanderson as Maxine Minniver
©Nikki Sanderson as Maxine Minniver © Channel 4

After pretending to have cancer so that her husband Damon Kinsella would stay with her, Maxine has just been rumbled by both doctors and fellow Hollyoaks resident Sienna Blake - so there are dramatic scenes to come at her 'living funeral'.

Of course, there's no way to know how much longer Maxine and indeed Nikki will be on Hollyoaks - especially with a storyline such as this - but in an appearance on Lorraine earlier today, Nikki revealed that she'd never rule out a return to Coronation Street.

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Hollyoaks spoilers Tony Hutchinson accuses a resident of killing Harry Thompson SLIDER

hollyoaks diane1 of 16
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks diane

Diane tells Tony and Sinead that she's heard from Finn and he wants to see her. Sinead begs her mum not to go to visit him.

hollyoaks tony2 of 16
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hollyoaks tony

With Louis Loveday's body resurfacing it makes Tony worry about Harry's whereabouts. He tells Diane he's not giving up on his son and it encourages her to not give up on Finn.

hollyoaks finn3 of 16
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks finn

Diane visits Finn in prison and tells him that he's more than welcome to live with her in the village. What will he decide to do?

hollyoaks tony4 of 16
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hollyoaks tony

Tony decides to host a BBQ at The Hutch so he can find Harry but when Breda McQueen overhears she's quick to try and stop him from doing so.

hollyoaks sylver mercedes5 of 16
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks sylver mercedes

Tony jumps to conclusions and assumes that Breda is covering for Sylver. He begins to panic and wonder if Harry is another victim of the serial and is quick to confront Sylver.

hollyoaks sylver mercedes6 of 16
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks sylver mercedes

He demands to know whether he killed Harry – but how will Sylver react? And how long until Breda's lies begin to unravel?

hollyoaks sadie7 of 16
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hollyoaks sadie

Later on in the week, Sadie Cressington sends Tony a picture of his grandson Issac. While looking at the photo, Tony recognizes something – the teddy bear in the snap has "God is love" sewn on the back of it…

hollyoaks tony diane8 of 16
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hollyoaks tony diane

Tony races round to Mercedes and shows her the picture – have they discovered something about Harry's whereabouts?After a conversation with Diane, Tony is left furious at his wife and storms out the house.

hollyoaks mercedes bobby9 of 16
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks mercedes bobby

Bobby, who is well aware of Mercedes and Liam's affair, calls his mum a traitor and tells her he doesn't like her. Nana McQueen offers Mercy some advice – do what's best for your children and not yourself.

hollyoaks grace10 of 16
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks grace

While this is all going on, Sylver McQueen continues to help Grace Black with her physio therapy. It's clear that Grace is smitten with him.Sylver manages to convince her to try and take her first steps and when she does, Sylver is beaming with joy.

hollyoaks mercedes bobby11 of 16
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks mercedes bobby

Liam buys himself and Mercedes tickets to Marrakesh – they're leaving the village. However things take a turn when Mercedes is about to tell her husband about her plans but she ends up accidentally telling Grace about her affair…

hollyoaks brooke ollie12 of 16
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks brooke ollie

Elsewhere in the village, Darren and Mandy pretend they have an emergency so they can leave DJ and Ollie together – they're hoping they can bond.Ollie decides to take DJ out on his date with Brooke Hathaway, he's unaware that she was planning on telling him about her pregnancy.

hollyoaks ollie13 of 16
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks ollie

When Ollie realises he's forgotten DJ's blanket, he runs back home quickly and leaves Brooke with the little one. Darren and Mandy are delighted when Ollie asks if he can spend more time with DJ. However later he begins to struggle when he has to keep lying to everyone about the fact that Luke is DJ's real dad.

hollyoaks luke14 of 16
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks luke

Cindy Cunningham spots Ollie looking upset and starts to talk to him… Everyone is then surprised to see Luke back in the village.

hollyoaks brody15 of 16
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks brody

Brody Hudson brings Sienna and Liberty together as they plan for implantation day. Unfortunately tension begins to build and the women start to bicker over different approaches to the surrogacy process.

hollyoaks leela16 of 16
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks leela

Meanwhile Leela is delighted when she discovers that her daughter Peri is going to university and is studying to be a nurse.

The 35-year-old told Lorraine's stand-in Christine Lampard, "At the moment I’m definitely on Hollyoaks for a while, but Coronation Street will always have a special place in my heart. I love it and I love the people and I just loved every second of it, so for me, I love where I am and I love Maxine as well, so it’s one of those, 'I couldn’t answer that'."

After producers played some old clips of her character Candice with Sarah-Louise Platt (Tina O'Brien), she said, "Quite a lot of the clips people show I do remember but I don’t remember and it’s so lovely to see them all.

"In all honesty, with people on the street I get 50 percent of people shouting Candice and 50 percent shouting Maxine so a lot of people still reference me as Candice rather than Maxine."

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