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A day doesn't go by without some sort of drama in Hollyoaks. There's always something happening in the village whether it's backstabbing, blackmailing or betrayal it can be difficult to keep up.

So far this year, we've seen babies being born, people being murdered and a few old familiar faces returned to the village. And possibly on of the most dramatic Hollyoaks weeks EVER is coming up next week - 'Storm Week'.

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The fictional 'Storm Belinda' will see Ste and Harry's wedding threatened, and some dramatic arrivals to the village.

You'll likely already be aware that Stephanie Davis returns to reprise her role as Sinead O'Connor during this time, but there are a number of other familiar faces joining her.

A number of popular figures in British media will appear on the soap AS THEMSELVES - including the Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid!

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According to MailOnline, they'll be hosting a 'breaking news' segment on the televisions in Chester, warning the viewers and residents of the tornado-like storm which is set to take place next week.

But they won't just be appearing once on the show - they'll be taking part in the soap throughout the week, giving the characters of Hollyoaks regular updates on Storm Belinda ahead of Ste's wedding day.

Swipe through for all the Hollyoaks spoilers you need to know for next week...


hollyoaks spoilers - closer WEEK 43

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hollyoaks spoilers

It's Ste and Harry's wedding day!

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hollyoaks spoilers

Ste, however, decides it's not the best time for the wedding as Tony and Diane are so distraught over Dee Dee being so ill.

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hollyoaks spoilers

But Tony insists that they go ahead.

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hollyoaks spoilers

But things look set to fall apart, as James uses Romeo to help him expose his and Harry's affair by placing pictures of them kissing in the guest's gift bags….

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hollyoaks spoilers

The Dog are catering for the wedding, but unfortunately Goldie never passed on the message to Mercedes...

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hollyoaks spoilers

... Meaning there's no food. Yikes.

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hollyoaks spoilers

Romeo attempts to find Lily. He's got something to tell her...

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hollyoaks spoilers

He tells Lily that he's in love with her.

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hollyoaks spoilers

Everyone is camped out in The Dog to shelter from the storm outside.

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Mercedes creates expensive cocktails to sell – 'Storm in a Glass'.

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hollyoaks spoilers

And Goldie decides to entertain everyone by dancing on the tables.

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hollyoaks spoilers

Lily, who is also in The Dog, becomes concerned for Romeo's safety after she sees him outside in the storm.

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hollyoaks spoilers

When Prince is distracted, she heads out to look for him...

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hollyoaks spoilers

Sinead is BACK!

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hollyoaks spoilers

She heads to see Diane and Tony first, but then goes to confront Ste...

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hollyoaks spoilers

Tony and Diane are distraught over Dee Dee being so ill.

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hollyoaks spoilers

Diane tells Tony that she loves him and wants to give things a second chance.

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hollyoaks spoilers

Tegan is trying her best to reconnect with Rose, but Rose still doesn't understand who her mum is.

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hollyoaks spoilers

Tegan is devastated when Rose refers to Diane as her mum.

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hollyoaks spoilers

Diane and Tony tell Tegan they would like to co-parent both the girls.

Other famous faces set to appear on the soap next week are Loose Women panellists Linda Robson and Janet Street-Porter as guests at the wedding.

Speaking on Loose Women recently, Linda said, "It was very explosive. I can't reveal anything else," whilst Janet added, "We do make an impact. We're featured."

Hollyoaks continues tonight on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.

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