Hollyoaks Spoilers: Buster Smith plans to plead NOT GUILTY

The hearing is finally here


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Hollyoaks spoilers Monday 29th October - Friday 2nd November: Buster's plea hearing is finally here, Sienna takes a huge risk, and Sylver finds out about Max and Mercedes. But before we get into next week, let's recap the goings on this week in Chester...

It was storm week in the village, and the day of Ste and Harry's wedding. Ste, however, decided it wasn't the best time to get married as Tony and Diane were so distraught over Dee Dee being so ill. But Tony insisted that they go ahead.

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But things looked set to fall apart, as James used Romeo to help him expose his and Harry's affair by placing pictures of them kissing in the guest's gift bags...

The Dog were catering for the wedding, but unfortunately Goldie never passed on the message to Mercedes... Meaning there was no food. Yikes.

Romeo attempted to find Lily as he had something to tell her... He told her he was in love with her.

Everyone camped out in The Dog to shelter from the storm outside.

Lily, who was also in The Dog, became concerned for Romeo's safety after she saw him outside in the storm.

When Prince was distracted, she headed out to look for him...

Sinead returned, and headed out to see Diane and Tony first, but then went to confront Ste...

Hollyoaks spoilers Monday 29th October - Friday 2nd November


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hollyoaks spoilers

Sylver accidentally took Max's phone during the storm, and after reading his messages he discovers that one-night stand Mercedes...

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He convinces Goldie to steal the phone...

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Sienna and Liberty decide to pull together and help Brody tidy up the village. Liberty is touched when she overhears Sienna turning him down, so she gives her sister her blessing to date him.

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Sienna convinces Brody to testify...

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After he records his statement, he asks Sienna out for dinner to celebrate.

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Sienna is trying to get Sally to give her a chance.

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When Sienna overhears Nancy calling in sick, she breaks into her class to teach. Sally is furious.

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But when Sally overhears how good Sienna's class was, she decides to give her a chance...

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Ollie receives Buster's plea hearing letter, and confides in Brody. Darren wants to help, but Ollie lashes out at him.

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Brody and Damon are told that Buster will be pleading not guilty.

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Damon visits him in prison and tries to force a confession.

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Darren decides to move out for Ollie's sake, and tells Mandy that he wants to go to the plea hearing and look Buster in the eye.

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Buster's plea hearing takes place.

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Damon convinces Brody to go

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How will he plead?

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Goldie demands a designer handbag from Russ

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And she cries to Mercedes about her new love rat...

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Ollie has a pastoral care meeting, and Nancy sabotages it by sending an email to Darren telling him it's cancelled.

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He doesn't turn up and Mandy is left alone with Ollie.

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Mandy confronts Nancy about the email, but she collapses...

How will Brody plea? Will Sienna and Brody end up together? And what will become of Sylver and Mercedes?

Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.

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