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Honey G

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Those of you who haven't been living under a rock deep in the depths of the darkest forest will be aware of Honey G.

Everyone and their elderly mother is aware of Honey G.

There are mystical sea creatures at the bottom of the deepest ocean who have heard of Honey G.

honey g


Since she popped up on The X Factor audition stages all those weeks ago, everyone has had a whole load of questions.

In the words of Nikki Grahame, WHO IS SHE? WHERE DID YOU FIND HER?

Those questions and more will be answered in our lovely little explainer, which you can read below.

What is Honey G's real name?

Many of you will be SHOCKED to learn that Honey G didn't come out the womb as Honey G. She didn't even go through school, college, or most of her adult life as Honey G.


Honey G's real name is Anna Georgette Gilford, which sounds rather like the name of someone frightfully posh who doesn't refer to themselves as the next Jay Z with Nicki Minaj's vibe.

How old is Honey G?

honey g

She is 35 years old. The same age as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and the very dangerous (yet hilariously fun) activity that is Paintballing.

Where does Honey G live?

North Weezy ofc (Harrow, North West London)

What is Honey G's job?

honey g

Aside from rapping, Honey G by day owns an IT recruitment firm. It's been reported that this is worth just £1, so we're guessing The X Factor could help her out in that department.

When is Honey G's birthday?

Honey G

If you're thinking of sending Honey G a nice birthday pressie this year (we hear she likes hats and sunglasses), then send it for 12 March – that's her birthday.

Is Honey G single?

Those taking a fancy to 2016's favourite rapper are IN LUCK, as she's single and LOOKIN' FOR LOVE. She told us herself.

She said to heat: "I’m single and looking for love.

"I want to get married and have kids soon – my biological clock is ticking."

Did Honey G go to university?

As well her FIRST CLASS degree in hittin' back at the haterz and being generally SENSATIONAL, Honey G has quite an extensive formal education too. As well as an MSC in Management from UCL, she has a degree in Popular Music and Recording from Salford University.

Why da f*ck didn't we think to study that? It sounds AMAZING.

What does Honey G like doing in her spare time?

honey g

Aside from being the best rapper in the world (arguably), Honey G has many other hobbies too. Her LinkedIn Profile suggests she is quite the sporty lass and enjoys windsurfing, skiing, boxing, spinning, swimming AND running. She was also a tennis champion in 1992. Anna Gilford, you sly fox!

What school did Honey G go to?

She attended Dr Challoner's High School in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, the same as Amal Clooney – and incidentally one of heatworld's writers, who can confirm that there's limited emphasis on rapping in the curriculum.

Who's lovin' Honey G?

HEAT! And a whole load of other people – she positively SAILS through the show each week, doesn't she? Her fans include 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg – and the latter said he'd like to record with her.

Who's hatin' Honey G?

Also a whole load of people – including Lily Allen, Jesy Nelson and Professor Green.

Also Piers Morgan (he also loves Donald Trump – we don't much trust his judgement), who said on Good Morning Britain: "She can’t sing, she can’t dance, she has no stage presence and she has terrible fashion sense. What am I missing?"

What is Honey G's Twitter?

Honey G The X Factor

Honey G's Twitter handle is @The_Honey_G and her name is HONEY G – RAP ARTIST. Because she's a RAP ARTIST.

She bloody loves a retweet (so if you're a fan, you're in with a chance of her noticing you), but on the occasions when she tweets herself, they're often pleads for votes.

What is Honey G's Instagram?

She doesn't have Instagram, unfortunately, BOOOOOOO.



honey g
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And finally, is Honey G David Cameron in a wig?


Honey G
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