How to watch ITV abroad to catch up on The Real Housewives, The Sex Lives Of College Girls and more

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It doesn’t matter if it’s jaw-dropping reality TV, edge of your seat drama, or full sports coverage, ITV just does it better. ITV is spread across multiple sub-channels and even an on-demand streaming platform. Given ITV is a British channel, it’s only available to watch in the UK, through British cable TV. What you might not know is that this also applies to ITVX, the newer and improved ITV Hub. In order to access it you need to be on UK internet. Don’t fear though, because this is where the magic of a VPN can help you out.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it’s an online privacy tool that’s a lot simpler than it sounds (promise). Essentially, it’s just a handy little service that sits in the background of your device and makes your internet connection safer.

A VPN basically creates a protected tunnel from your online device to the internet, it guards your connection from the wild, unpredictable stream of traffic your device would normally be exposed to.

How can a VPN help you watch ITV abroad?

A Virtual Private Network might be a privacy tool first and foremost, but it does come with some added benefits that mean you’ll be able to watch UK TV from abroad. Most of the top VPN providers have servers around the world, and the best brands actually let you choose from a long list of global servers.

The best part about this is you’ll be able to access region specific content, that means the streaming catalogues for different countries, country-specific streaming services in general, as well as every other possible website that’s only available in in a certain place.

This is great news for UK residents wanting to keep up with British TV when they’re overseas, and it’s also ideal if you’re a fan of UK TV and you’re a UK resident.

How to watch ITV abroad

It’s a really simple process and once you’ve done it a few times, it’ll be like riding a bike. To get the ball rolling, you to sign up to your VPN of choice and download its app onto your device(s). It’ll also be helpful to download the ITVX app or have it within close proximity on your desktop. Then all you need to do is:

• Open your VPN app and login.
• Choose a UK server from the list of countries available.
• Now load up the ITVX app if you are on a tablet or smartphone. If you are using a laptop or PC, open your internet browser and head to the ITVX website.
• Sign into your ITVX account and get watching.

Other benefits of using a VPN abroad

A VPN essentially allows you to use the internet anonymously. It helps to keep you safe online in a few ways.

1. It hides your online activity from everyone else, making it near impossible for them to see what you're doing or where you are. This is great for privacy.
2. It locks up your info so hackers can't steal it when you're on unstable Wi-Fi.
3. It can help you visit websites and apps that might be blocked in your area. 
4. A VPN makes sure your private info stays private if you're working or shopping online.
5. It helps you use public Wi-Fi without worrying about hackers grabbing your info.

Yes, VPNs are perfectly legal. They’re certifiably effective online privacy tools and are allowed in most countries around the world. You might feel like you’re doing something wrong, but accessing country-restricted media with a VPN is completely above board. Keep in mind, using a VPN to disguise illegal activity is still against the law and is unacceptable. We advise you to always research your chosen Virtual Private Network as well as the online privacy laws in the country you plan to use it in.

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How to use a VPN

We admit, VPNs do sound a bit complicated. Luckily for us, the best providers make them a breeze to wrap your head around.

After you've subscribed to a service, download the app, like ExpressVPN, you can then log in to your account.

When you're in, you’ll get a list of countries which have servers you can connect to. Select the one you want (UK for watching ITVX), and the app will do the rest.

Once the VPN has connected, you can use the internet and internet services as you normally would.

A few VPN quirks to look out for

You might have to log in to accounts that you'd otherwise be automatically logged into.

Your internet speed might not be as fast as usual. This is normal with a VPN, but it’s important to do your research for the best VPN possible so your experience can be as seamless as possible.

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