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I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! 2021 is well and truly under way, and this season is already off to a controversial start at the North Wales' Gwrych Castle.

From Emmerdale's Danny Miller swallowing back vomit during the helicopter ride and Strictly's Arlene Phillips facing some major criticism from a mental health charity to Richard Madeley's stint being cut short, it's a season that's had a lot of drama already.

In fact, a recent episode provoked 89 complaints alone according to Ofcom after viewers were outraged about the disgusting Bushtucker Trials. To be fair they do make us want to vom time and time again but yet 9 million people still tuned in to watch the show this year.

It seems as though we just can't look away, so let's relive the most complained about moments in the history of I'm A Celeb.

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The most complained about moments in the history of I'm A Celebrity

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Jordan North vomits before a challenge

When Jordan North was faced with the prospect of abseiling down a cliff face, the anxiety proved too much as the I'm A Celeb contestant took the knock. Ofcom reported there were a number of complaints about the programme showing a clip of the star violently vomiting... gross.

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Gillian McKeith faints before a trial

There was a mixed response to the moment that Gillian McKeith fainted just after being told she had been voted to take part in yet another challenge. Complaints were reported on account of Gillian's welfare, while others complained that Gillian faked it to get out of the challenge, therefore wasting their paid vote. Oh dear.

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Arlene Phillips makes comment about OCD

Ofcom received 89 complaints following Arlene's comment about OCD. Her remark was even met with criticism from mental health charity, OCD Action. In a comment on her I'm A Celeb debut, Arlene said, "I cannot live with dirt. I am completely OCD about everything in my life being organised, clean, neat and tidy."However viewers said she trivialised the severity of the condition.

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Ferne McCann eats a live spider

This incident caused controversy resulting in thousands of complaints when Ferne McCann ate a live spider during a Bushtucker Trial.An investigation was prompted by Ofcom on the grounds of animal welfare, but was later dropped as it was "unlikely to have exceeded audience expectations."

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Johnny Rotten makes offensive comments

Bad language in general is a common complaint for the I'm A Celeb cast, particularly when Mylene Klass and Matt Willis were shown swearing before the watershed. Oops. But it was Johnny Rotten's language that was the cause of complaint for viewers. The Sex Pistol frontman caused controversy when he referred to viewers as "f--- c---" for voting to keep him in the jungle when he wanted to leave. Are we surprised?

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Charlie Brooks gets denied a chance to see her daughter

After failing to complete a challenge, Charlie Brooks was denied the reward of getting to see her daughter. Waiting behind a mystery door was Charlie's 7-year-old daughter, Kiki. After choosing the wrong door, they were denied a chance at a reunion which left Kiki "distraught."Some viewers were vocal about their outrage at the show's exploitation of a child, and Charlie Brooks herself has said the show "went too far" in involving her daughter in the challenge.

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The camp is accused of bullying behaviour

Bullying claims were a huge cause for concern for viewers in 2017 as they watched the relationships in the camp unfold. Hundreds of complaints were made towards campmates who stood accused of "bullying" Iain Lee. It proved to be uncomfortable viewing, but camp members addressed the accusations, with Iain himself saying, "There was no bullying going on. Let's quash this rumour once and for all. "Bullying is a very serious thing. It's a huge word. There was no bullying whatsoever."

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Jordan North in the snake trial

An outcry against the use of live animals in challenges was heard once again, as Jordan North found himself confined with 60 snakes. Jordan, who has a phobia of snakes, was left shaking as snakes slithered over his face. It was the concern for animal welfare that had viewers complaining to Ofcom. The RSPCA made a statement which said, "Animals have been dropped, thrown, handled roughly, crushed, chased, overcrowded, scared by contestants and prevented from escaping from stressful experiences." However, I'm A Celeb responded to the complaints and said, "[The show] complies with animal welfare law concerning the use of animals".

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Anne Hegerty is overwhelmed

Anne Hegerty was a cause of concern for some viewers who complained about her welfare during filming. Anne who has been vocal about being autistic, said her time in the jungle could come with some added challenges. During one challenge, Anne appeared too distressed to continue. "I did the first one in 90 seconds. That was ok. I got two stars. Then it all went pear shaped. Absolutely freak out disgusting," She said.

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Gino D'Acampo kills a rat and cooks it

Arguably the most controversial moment in I'm A Celeb history was when Gino D'Acampo and campmate Stuart Manning sparked outrage for killing and eating a rat at camp.With no alternative food, the pair caught a rat and cooked it into a meal before serving it to their campmates. With thousands of complaints, the pair faced animal cruelty charges and ITV were fined for allowing them to "kill a rat as part of a performance."

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