Jamie O’Hara is OVER Jasmine Waltz and fancies THIS contestant instead <3

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Jamie O'Hara has been having a right mare with the whole 'love' thing isn't he. Ignoring anything before January the 3rd (we haven't got all day) he has already been passively-bitchin' about his ex Danielle Lloyd, cosying up with Jasmine before being binned for Calum Best and then nestling up to Nicole McLean before she woke up the next day with BEER FEAR.

nicola mclean

We all have had terrible experiences with 'beer fear', but thankfully the entire nation did not witness our actions. Lolz.

Now, moving swiftly onto the next chapter of Jamie O'Hara's love life (he is literally Taylor Swift... or at least Jamie Laing) he has his sights set on a new lass.


Ten points to you, if you guessed the adaawable unicorn Bianca Gascoigne , as he opened up his true feeling during a chinwag with Calum.

jamie and biance

‘I might crack on with B yanno.’ Romance is not dead, guys. Ignore the rumors.

Calum then gave his approval and called her ‘a little bombshell.’

‘You know what I like about her? I like that she’s like your mate. It’s not like ‘oh she’s pretty', it’s like I can pie her in the face. D’ya know what I mean?’

ERM. Jamie. Your flirting technique needs a little work. I know.. We’re sorry… we just mean… no don’t cry…

He also said he liked that she was competitive. Is Jamie O’Hara looking for a girlfriend or a player for his 5-aside?

SOME of you cynical lot however, reckon Jamie is just romancin’ Bianca for some extra air time.

‘Jamie is so desperate and annoying, gunna be in bed with Coleen next.’ one twitter user wrote.

Another said, ‘Jamie's working out which bimbo will give him more tabloid coverage... #cbb’


We mean, Chloe Ferry has already got naked and made Calum Best go a great shade of fuchsia.

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