The Janoskians release new video for Friend Zone!

The Janoskians have released the video for their latest hit track Friend Zone.


by Ellie Henman |
Published on

The pop-punk band don’t disappoint with their latest offering which essentially centres around five lonely zombies who are looking for women to bring them back to life.

We think it would end better than the usual, getting bitten by a zombie and turning into a zombie scenario, so we’re all for it.

Sadly, the girl they find to bring them out of their creepy states isn’t keen and she leaves them behind – sad, lonely and still much very un-dead.


“We hired serious make up artists for this,” Beau told heat. “We wanted to really feel like the Walking Dead. It was such a fun day! But so freaking hot, under all that make up. We shot it in a deserted looking alley in Los Angeles. We wanted it to feel like the Zombie Apocalypse only with guitars and music.” You did a good job, Beau.

Friend Zone is released on 24 May.

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