Jay Z reveals he once had a rap battle in high school with Busta Rhymes!

And he's shown his FIRST TV appearance *cute*


by Maria Vallahis |
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When you get the almighty Jay Z in your interview chair, what on EARTH do you ask him?

Lucky for Jimmy Kimmel, Jay is charming and full of many conversational topics himself.

**First Hov discusses he NEVER expected to be as famous as he is today - with all the private jets and fancy kitchen appliances - all he ever dreamed of was to one day have a Gold album, which he also thought would NEVER happen.

More news!

    And now, he sits with on the *Jimmy Kimmel Live! *show to talk about how he went to high school (secondary school for us Brits) with Biggie Smalls (RIP) and Busta Rhymes.

    Telling Jimmy about the one time he and Busta had a rap battle at lunchtime, Jay praises Busta but illudes to the fact that HE won. Poor, Busta.

    They guys attended Brooklyn's George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education; "Me and Busta Rhymes actually had a rap battle in the lunch room," the hip-hop mogul says in the above clip from his Thursday appearance on the US chat show.

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