Jedward say ‘Mission Complete’ after The X Factor is axed

They've been vocal against the show for months

Jedward X Factor

by Marianna Manson |

Jedward – aka pop duo John and Edward Grimes – have taken to Twitter to express their joy as Simon Cowell confirms he’s axing The X Factor after 17 years on the ‘box.

The twins – who rose to fame on the show in 2009, the same series that launched the careers of Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon – have been vocal about the alleged “bullying” they received during the competition and even Rebecca Ferguson (2010) has spoken out against the show.

Following the news that The X Factor will not return to our screens this autumn, Jedward tweeted, "X Factor has been axed Mission Complete X".

Fans were divided in the comments, with one writing, "It should have ended years ago, it was disgraceful the way people were treated on it. Basically made a fool of people built them up knocked them down. Body shaming people also Cowell and Osbourne are very guilty of this."

But another asked, "Whilst it doesn’t bother me one way or the other I do wonder where you two would be today without the opportunity of X factor, would we even have heard of you?"

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Last night it was reported that Simon had decided to "shelve" the show for at least five years, but sources believe it’s unlikely to make a return.

"Globally, it is still a phenomenon and rakes in millions every year. But in the UK, there is no question it has become slightly stale," an insider told The Sun.

"Simon remains at the top of his game and knows how to make a hit. He owns the rights to the show, and it’s his call — not ITV’s — whether or not he drops it.

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"Clearly the last thing he wants is for X Factor to fizzle out with a whimper and become a bit of a joke — especially in contrast to the show in its pomp."

Following the initial allegations against the show made back in April, a source told heat, "Simon’s team are holding crisis talks.

"He’s absolutely reeling and is worried that more acts could speak out, even though he offered them an opportunity for fame and gave them unparalleled exposure on the show."

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