Jedward want you to see their brilliant Ferocious music video featuring TARA REID

The cheeky chaps have gone for a new grown-up sound


by Owen Tonks |

Guys, GUYS! Jedward need your help! They’ve got a song out called Ferocious and they want you to hear it/watch the video/buy it, probably.

And with lyrics like, “I’m setting free my inner wolf, I will be ferocious”, and, “Ferocious, ferocious, I will be ferocious”, they’re certainly coming out fighting, maybe even hoping for a Christmas number one.

The video, which the brothers posted on Twitter this week, features none other than the legendary TARA REID who the former X Factor contestants accosted befriended in the Celebrity Big Brother house back in 2011.

We’re not entirely sure what Tara is up to in the clip but she wonders around some dark car parks in a pair of studded silver heels looking all mysterious/sinister.

The Irish twins have a new grown-up sound for the track, which was written and produced by them, and the message behind the song is a serious one.

Edward said: “We were inspired by life experiences and wanted to make a song that would lift people up who are down and let them know we understand.

“We support anti-bullying and want to help people find their voice and rise out of the difficulty in their lives.”

Naww. Everyone needs a Jedward – and a Tara Reid - in their life…

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