Jeremy Clarkson is coming back to the BBC…

Did everyone just forget about that whole assault business?

Jeremy Clarkson

by Laurence Mozafari |
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Jeremy Clarkson is coming back to the BBC for one night only, a bit like Cinderella turning up to the ball, only taller, hairier and with way more politically incorrect jokes.

The former Top Gear presenter will host Have I Got News For You for one episode. He’ll be joined by the show's classic team captains, Ian Hislop and Paul Merton, when the series returns on 2 October.

So expect loads of digs at the Beeb and - hopefully - Clarkson himself.

Jezza infamously left the BBC back in April this year, following a “fracas” with the show’s producer, Oisin Tymon.

This led to a big walk out from his colleagues Richard Hammond and James May, who’ll join big JC - that’s Jeremy Clarkson, not Jesus Christ btw - as they make a Top Gear clone for lots of money on Amazon Prime.


It’s certain to be the most watched show on Amazon Prime, not least because the only other thing on there is really old episodes of The Walking Dead and, erm, Vikings? Is anyone actually watching* Vikings*? Did you accidentally think it was Game Of Thrones? You did, didn’t you. You know what? A TV service probably isn’t the best around when they throw it in with their speedy postal delivery service.

Jeremey was meant to host HIGNFY back in April, but this understandably fell through after all that assault business.

At the time, the show released a statement that said: "On reflection, Jeremy Clarkson has decided not to host Have I Got News For You. We fully expect him to resume his hosting duties later in the year."

Pointless assistant host and, more importantly, former winner of heat’s Weird Crush Richard Osman will be one of the two guests joining Clarkson for the opening episode of the new series.

Will you be watching? Or just bingeing on some sweet, sweet Viking drama over on Amazon Prime instead?

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