Whatever you do, please don’t ask J.K. Rowling this Harry Potter question

Tbf, real fans would know the answer

J.K. Rowling

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Being the huge and borderline obsessive Harry Potter fans we are, we've often dreamt about locking ourselves in a room with J.K. Rowling (in a non-weird way) and picking her brain for all the unanswered Hazza P questions we've had since roughly 1997.

But there's one question we definitely won't be asking, as J.K. has tweeted her pure and utter disdain at repeatedly being interrogated over the golden snitch conundrum.

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Responding to a Twitter poll started by author Mark Harris, asking what the worst possible conversation starter someone could ask, J.K. answered: "Got a bone to pick with you. Why's the Snitch worth 150 points?...side that catches it always wins... makes no sense...' & on & on forever."

And we totally feel Jo's pain.

Firstly, there are sooo many more important questions to be asking the woman who invented the whole of the wizarding world given the chance. We don’t have to get into them right now, but we're just going to say this: WHY ON EARTH DID DOBBY HAVE TO DIE?

And secondly, real Harry Potter fans will know J.K. Rowling tackles this very issue in the fourth book, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. In case you weren't already aware, Ireland beats Bulgaria 170 – 160 in the Quidditch World Cup final, despite Viktor Krum catching the snitch.

Frankly, it's an absolute waste of a question.

Fans on Twitter then took the opportunity to air out their Harry Potter queries, and some of them were much more valid.

One wrote: "If it makes you feel any better, I would be hassling you about how it's unclear how large the total enrollment at Hogwarts is."

With another jumping in to add: "And by extension, how apparently tiny the entire wizarding population is."

Harry Potter question

Both fair points.

Another fan demanded to know where on earth Hagrid went to the loo, given that is little bungalow is seemingly missing a toilet.

Will we ever know the answer?

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