Join Vicky Pattison for heat’s FINAL Big Night In with Lambrini

It’s the last one :( but that does mean it’s The X Factor FINALE :)

by Heat |

Check out heatworld from 7pm this Saturday to see all of our Big Night In action with Lambrini - and guess who’s joining us?

That’s right, SANTA IS COMING TO HEAT TOWE… oh no, wait. It’s Vicky Pattison, which is just as good, if not better than Santa.

We'll be watching all the best Saturday night telly and covering it live. So you don't need to go out. DON'T LET ANYONE GUILT YOU INTO GOING OUT. Staying in is the new going out.


Here's a recap of what's happened last week...


heat's Editor-in-chief, Lucie Cave

Lucie is your host this week for the final Big Night In with Lambrini. She’ll be quizzing our guests on what they think about the telly we’re all watching together.'s Anna Lewis

Anna, meanwhile, is the official Big Night In butler. So, we’ll probably get her to make us all a sandwich or something.


One lucky reader gets the chance to enjoy a big night in with heat and Lambrini at heat Towers!

So come join us from 7pm on, and get involved on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine too!

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