Justin Bieber in EPIC car rave and singalong with James Corden!

They act like they've known each other forever. This is brilliant.

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by Maria Vallahis |
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YES Belieb it - as well as featuring previous shotgun passengers (Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson) James Corden has now wrangled Justin Bieber in the passenger seat on his drive to work.

During the karaoke skit for James’ Late Late Show Bieber does a rubix cube in two minutes – we didn’t believe it either but it happened.


Bieber also admits he worked out a lot to prepare for his appearances in the Calvin Klein adverts and the Men’s Health cover.

Later admitting he was given so many pairs of Calvin Klein boxers that he only wears them ONCE and then bins them. What?

However funny-man host James added he has to unfortunately turn his underwear inside out to get the most wear out of them. LOL.

James’ and Justin have a complete rave and singalong in the car – it’s pretty epic considering it’s the controversial, likes to wee in mop buckets, Justin Bieber.

While munching on a packet of chips (fries) James tells the Biebz: "When I picked you up I didn't recognize you for a minute. "Because you had a top on." Too many lols in one video.

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