Kate Wright takes on Jon Clark in EPIC TOWIE SHOWDOWN

OMG so much DRAMA

TOWIE Kate Wright Jon Clark Dan Edgar

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There's a massive war going on in Essex and we're loving every minute of it because it's basically what TV was invented for.

Things haven't been that peachy between Jon Clark and Kate Wright ever since he tweeted a picture of the condom machine in Dan Edgar and James Argent's house.

Kate wasn't happy about it and said if Jon carries on she'll unfollow him (babe, just unfollow him and save yourself the agg).

TOWIE Kate Wright Jon Clark Dan Edgar

During last night's episode, Kate and Jon had a row over the tweet and it escalated from there. Kate called Jon a snake and revealed that: "He tried it on with me and I've got the voice notes."

Wait, what?

TOWIE Kate Wright Jon Clark Dan Edgar

Jon retorted: "Are you being deadly serious right now? Get the f8cking voice notes out. Get 'em out. Get 'em out. Get the f8cking voice notes out.

"You're a f*cking bitch mate. Tried it on with you? Are you mad?"

He continued shouting, threw his water bottle on the floor and stormed off…


But Jon didn't stop there. After confessing that he did send those voice notes (but he didn't know he sent them - like, whatever) he revealed that Kate's been sleeping with one of his friends for months.

He told Dan: "She has been sleeping with my mate. She has been begging me not to tell you for months."

Oh, how the tables have turned. Remember Wednesday 3 August's episode: Kate heard a rumour that Dan slept with someone else - which he denied - and she wasn't happy about it?

TOWIE Kate Wright Jon Clark Dan Edgar

Well now Dan is in the same position and when Jon revealed that Kate's been sleeping with someone else Dan - who looked like someone had told him his dog died - said: "I don't see how I can trust you both ever again."

Poor Dan.

Since the episode Kate uploaded a photo with the caption: "You don't have to disrespect and insult others simply to hold your own ground. If you do that shows how shaky your own position is."

Meanwhile, Jon tweeted: "Ready to go to war."

And Pete Wicks showed his support by tweeting Dan: "Held yourself like a proper fella!"


TOWIE continues on Wednesday at 10pm on ITVBE.

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