Katie Price is the WINNER of Celebrity Big Brother 2015!

Katie Price has been crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2015.


by Ellie Henman |
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Katie burst into tears when she heard the news and said: “how have I done it?” as Katie Hopkins walked out of the house.

She worried about having a panic attack as Katie H consoled her before walking down the steps to meet Emma Willis.

Poor old Katie H got a load of boos too, which she took completely in her stride. Even giving herself a boo on the way down.

Michelle Visage was booted out first, followed by fourth place Keith Chegwin (who got so emotional he cried), runner up Calum best and second placed Katie H.

Earlier this week, Katie's mum told heat she knew Katie was nervous but added: “The fact she's in the final will give her a huge confidence boost after a testing year.

“It's been great for people to see my Kate the one we all know and love and I can't wait to see her when she gets out.”

When it was Katie Price's time to leave the house, she still looked completely petrified.

Leaving behind a lippy on the sofa, the mum-of-five was shaking as she stepped out of the doors, asking the crowd “why have I won?”.

To be honest, with the amount of boo's she got, we think the crowd were asking that too but...the votes don't lie.

Speaking to Emma Willis, the 36-year-old (who started to sob, bless her) said: “I don’t understand why...

“I went in with a medical problem, I’ve been on antibiotics and painkillers so I think I’ve been boring so I don’t know why I’m here.”

She went on to say she was looking for loyal friends in the house (can't resist a dig, can she?) and said she secretly loved Katie H's soft side.

Don't we all, Kate?



Katie Price cheered on by celebrity mates!



Lauren Goodger: "Back from the sun to the cold brrrrr BUT Ihave @bbuk to catch up on-I hear my girl @MissKatiePrice is smashing it!! #CBB #CBBKatie"



Jimmy Bullard: "Nothing fake about @MissKatiePrice...take away the boobs, the teeth, the nose) honest housemate tho - get on 09020 44 24 15 #CBB"



Jaymi Hensley: "Real, honest and true to herself Kates the real deal! ! TO WIN vote here: CALL 09020 44 24 15 or TEXT 64424 15 #cbbkatieprice"



Sam: "Truthful, honest and GENUINE is @misskatieprice vote to SAVE: CALL 09020 44 24 15 or TEXT 64424 15" and Billie: "Love how @misskatieprice is totally herself in #CBB ...Vote to save her and CALL 09020 44 24 15 or TEXT 64424 15..."



Alicia Douvall: "Real honest and true to herself throughout @MissKatiePrice TO WIN vote here: CALL 09020 44 24 15 or TEXT 64424 15 #cbbkatieprice"

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