The truth about Kim Cattrall’s shock Sex and the City return

As Sarah Jessica Parker makes Kim an offer she can't refuse

Kim Cattrall Sex and the City return Sarah Jessica Parker

by Charlotte Oliver |

It’s been back on our screens for a month, and it’s safe to say we are obsessed with Sex And The City reboot And Just Like That…. But while the series has been overshadowed by shocking allegations (which he denies) of sexual assault against Chris Noth – whose character Mr Big died at the end of episode one – we are glad the leading ladies are receiving all the accolades they deserve, and are still in the job of empowering women everywhere. The show’s stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kirstin Davis released a joint statement saying they “support the women who came forward” with their allegations about Noth.

Although AJLT… continues to be a success, Kim Cattrall’s absence has been felt. Kim has snubbed the show after filming the second Sex And The City movie in 2010, and has since alluded to a nasty falling-out with SJP, who, Kim said, “could have been nicer” after she passed on making a third film.

But it’s clear that the reboot has left the door wide open for her to change her mind. And now that viewers are loudly missing Samantha, SJP and co are upping the ante.

Kim Cattrall Sex and the City return Sarah Jessica Parker
Kim snubbed a SATC return amid a rumoured feud with co-star SJP ©Getty

According to insiders, Sarah is fully prepared “to eat humble pie” when it comes to winning Kim back around, and together with show creator Michael Patrick King, she’s willing to make the actress “an offer she can’t refuse”.

“Sarah and the rest of the cast know just how popular she was,” says an insider close to SJP, who has always stressed that there’s “no cat fight” and no bad blood between her and Kim, despite the latter’s words to the contrary. “When Kim decided to walk away, it affected them all and they’re smart enough to know that ratings would get a huge spike if Samantha were to return.”

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Kim has gone to great lengths to distance herself from SATC for well over a decade, reiterating that, “This isn’t about more money”, but about “an empowered decision in my life to end one chapter and start another.” She’s also made no bones about her unhappiness on set, calling SJP “cruel” in 2018, and telling her on social media, “You are not my friend”.

But according to our source, the fact that so many fans are missing her has not gone unnoticed – nor has the fact that her character is still part of the story. Insiders say that, having made attempts to get in touch throughout series one, Carrie will go out of her way to extend an olive branch to her former BFF in the last episode, paving the way for a possible reunion in series two.

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We’re told that Kim, in response, isn’t feeling quite as iron-willed as she was, and the temptation to go back and do things on her terms is strong. “She’s been taken aback by the outpouring of support from fans – all of whom are pleading with her to come back,” says our source. “If she’s given full sign-off on all plot points and she’s able to name her terms, then yes, it could happen. If the show’s producers need to break the bank, then so be it.

“The show needs Samantha and it’s very encouraging to know that her stance could be softening.”

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