Kim Kardashian’s BFF Nikki Lund releases new track, This Is It…

If you haven’t heard of Nikki Lund, we think you'll know a lot more soon...


by Ellie Henman |
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Nikki is an acclaimed fashion designer, singer and…Kim Kardashian’s childhood BFF.

Her latest track, a catchy dance tune called This Is It, has just been released by the 33-year-old and it’s soaring up the UK dance charts.

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    The track, which features North 2 South, was produced by Mark Loverush and co-written with Lauren Christy who’s produced hits for a whole host of stars including Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and McFly.

    Alongside her singing career, Nikki – who met Kim when she was eight years old and stayed her closest BFF – is a designer and runs her line Nikki Rich with Richie Sambora (of Bon Jovi fame). She’s set to unveil her solo collection - the Nikki Lund Clothing line - at LA Fashion Week on 18 March.

    Talking about growing up with Kim, Nikki told the Mirror: “We were a bit dorky really. We loved the Spice Girls, when we were like 15 and 16 and we loved dressing up as them and singing along to their songs.

    Kim loved Posh Spice, she thought she was the prettiest one and she loved what she wore. She went out and bought herself a black leather dress with slits in it – it was exactly like Posh’s.

    “Kim would do her make up like Posh’s and her hair was similar so she did actually really look like her.”

    We think she looks more like Baby Spice now…


    kim kardashian paris outfits

    kim--kardashian-boobs-paris1 of 11


    To attend the swanky CR Fashion Book Launch Kim opted for a full-on tuxedo with cummerbund but forgot her shirt and bow tie.

    kim-kardashian-big-coat2 of 11


    We can't imagine a cosier get up than this blanket coat + rollneck for a wander around Paris. Maybe an actual duvet. But that's it.

    kim-kardashian-kanye-west-balmain-paris3 of 11


    A couple that dresses fierce toegther totes stays together, right? Espesh in Balmain, sweeeeedie.

    kim-kardashian-lace4 of 11


    We love North's cute like-mommy's-lace teamed with tough mini DMs but mommy's actual lace is a liitle much. Or not enough. You know what we mean.

    kim-kardashian-paris-black-dress5 of 11


    Looking like a real life doll in a fitted LBD and some camel strappies.

    kim-kardashian-paris-camel6 of 11


    We really liked the layering of Kim's grey boots and camel skirt. If she had swapped the Wolford American Tan top for a chunky cream knit we would have LOVED.

    kim-kardashian-paris-cleavage7 of 11


    Another outing for the girls, this time with a textured mini and oversized tux jacket. Loving the soft pink and grey beauty, here, Kimmy.

    kim-kardashian-paris-leggings8 of 11


    We're still not sold on the pale pedal pushers but that cardi is a beaut. Chanel, yah? Damnit.

    kim-kardashian-paris9 of 11


    Kim's new AW14 wardrobe feature camel, white and a lotta black. Oh, and tons of sheer, obvi.

    kim-kardashian-turtleneck10 of 11


    All black but a tad Milk Tray man for our liking. And what's with the sheen on that turtleneck?North's YEEZUS tee totally rules, though.

    kim-kardashian-white-dress11 of 11


    Kim looked chic in this origami-inspo LWD and pointy courts.

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