Kim Woodburn’s argument on This Morning has been turned into a hilarious remix

It's still stuck in our heads...

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by Helena Cartwright |
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Oh, Kim Woodburn, you are TV gold.

She has earned herself the title of most controversial celebrity this month after causing havoc in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

She caused some pretty big arguments whilst in there, but she's continuing them on outside.

And, what's more, she was doing it before she was even in the CBB house.


It turns out that an argument she had with Rufus Hound back in 2013 actually caused him to quit Celebrity Juice.

Uh oh…

Then, earlier this week, she appeared on This Morning and had an argument with our beloved Phil Schofield.

If you missed it, you can catch it here.

But, in summary, she basically called him "a phoney" and Holly had to practically split them up.


Anyway, the interview was mashtacular so the outcome was inevitable.

What we have now a hilarious remix with a bit of Destiny's Child thrown in for good measure.

It's not the first time for Kim, after her argument in the CBB house with, well, pretty much everyone, was turned into this hilarious "Adulterer" mash-up.

We thought that we wouldn't know what to do with our post-CBB lives, but the amount of drama that has surfaced since has filled that void.

First of all, Jamie O'Hara called Bianca Gascoigne "the one" before then splitting up with her…without telling her first.


And then Nicola McLean had a BIG argument Danielle Lloyd all over whether she went to her and Jamie's wedding.

Drama drama drama.

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