Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Scott Disick visits Tyga at home to join in on melting gold. Yes really.

They're melting gold to make a statue of Tyga's son, obviously.

Tyga and Scott Disick

by Maria Vallahis |

During an episode of Tyga’s reality TV show Kingin' With Tyga, Scott Disicks pays a visit to the rapper's house to help find all the gold in his house.

The 25-year-old who refers to himself as a "Last King" and "King Gold Chains" gets his assistant Katherine and his other crew to collect the random gold so he can melt it all and make a statue of his two-year-old son, King Cairo.

“We’re trying to find all the gold laying around my house and we want to melt it down and make a statue of King,” Tyga tells Scott.

“This would never happen at my house. Our money is in cash, not gold,” responds Lord Scott Disick.

Then Scott makes a joke about Tyga’s penis, and how his son must have taken from his dad in terms of manhood.

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“So you’ve gotta figure out how much weight you have and we can calculate, because the gold statue for King, if he’s taken after T, don’t forget T’s penis is like three or four pounds,” continues Scott.

One of Tyga’s entourage asks Scott how he would know that (which is exactly what we were thinking) to which Scott replies: “You know I’ve heard the rumours.”

The boys clearly found the penis joke funny. Tyga’s assistant Katherine looked slightly mortified.

The Stimulated performer describes his idea to make a gold statue is like a family portrait to other families – yeah, to normal families. Although, we’d defo like a gold statue of our loved ones too.

Speaking on-camera, Tyga admits: “Scott he’s a good friend of mine, we neighbours, so he always just walks in unexpected.”

And while, Scott and Tyga deliberate where to put the statue of King, Scott suggests: “Worst case scenario you can put it on your chain? If I was a rapper, I would have at least one hanging.”

Tyga is thrilled.

Imagine a life-size, two-year-old, gold statue around your neck? Ouch, whiplash much? Totes bants.

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