Larry Lamb has LEFT THE JUNGLE :o

World is understandably in shock

Larry Lamb

by Aimee Jakes |
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Silver foxed, seductively stroppy, brilliantly bespectacled Larry Lamb has been booted out the jungle on this evening's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here after receiving the fewest number of votes and we are flabbergasted. Shocked. Desmayed. We even prayed to the universe for a solid 45 seconds, for it to be a practical joke by ITV. Turns out it was cold-reality.

Isn't 2016 a SOD.

All the years of religiously watching Big Brother made us hope that Larry was actually being whisked away to a secret camp, but sadly that was not the case.


It's a Thursday. The final is on Sunday. That is THREE days of jungle fun without the Lazza magic which is a bit like going to Mac and realising they have ran out of Velvet Teddy.

The campmates were very shocked when Ant and Dec delivered the heart-squelching news. We nearly spat out our lemonade. Twitter users were in shock. We all can't quite believe it. Can we have the day off work tomorrow to morn for our loss, please?

When leaving the jungle and diving in to bog-standard leaving interview with Ant and Dec, Larry Lamb could not hide his disappointment. He was LIVID. You know when bloody Martin Roberts tells a more-awful-than-normal anecdote about wasps or something equally shit and Larry does his best 'I think you're a bit of a knob' face?

Like this:

Larry Lamb


'I'm disappointed' Larry told the crisp-chomping outfit co-ordinating duo. Oh blimey.

Larry then politely called it an 'extraordinary experience.' We are gonna bet 50 squid he’s going to blub into his room service Spaghetti carbonara tonight.

Serious question: what are we going to do with our 'I heart Larry Lamb' bunting and flags we had made for Sunday's final now? Scribble sad faces on them? Save them for the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special? Any tips would be welcome.

To console* ourselves we are going to do some major online splurging (have you seen this basic bitch gift guide, its SHO dreamy) and listen to our 'sad Sunday' playlist which is made up of Leona Lewis, Adele and Marvins Room.

*After that trial is console even a word anymore?!

Here's a picture of Larry Lamb flexing his biceps, because. Yeah. Gilf.

Larry Lamb
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