Lauren Goodger STILL dreams of being a pop star!

Lauren Goodger has got her finger in so many pies you think she’d be too busy to do anything else.


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But no, it appears Lauren is still looking to push herself and hopes to one day fulfil her dream of being a pop star.

“I'd love to be a solo pop star, but it's not like I could break into song on The Only Way Is Essex - no-one would take me seriously,” she told the Mirror.

“I've not given up on my dream, so who know what will happen after the show. Watch this space.”

As a taster of what you could experience if Lauren were to break into the music industry, have a look at her Instagram clip below.

You're in a for a treat...

Lauren made the final 10 of* The X Factor* back in 2004, when she was just 18 years old, with girl group Ruby Blue (along with Mark Wright’s little sister, Jessica).

Sadly the girls didn’t make it any further but we think Lauren has got a good chance if she fancies giving it another whirl.

Let's hope Simon Cowell brings back the celebrity version...


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