Lewis Bloor caught BLATANTLY breaking CBB rules

Bit hypocritical, no?

CBB Lewis Bloor

by Georgina Terry |
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Lewis Bloor, CBB heartthrob, has been caught flagrantly flouting Big Brother's rules.

Oh, Lewis, We thought better of you.

The former *TOWIE *star was taking part in a task that saw him cast as an 'artificial'. Bit harsh.

It appears that as part of the task the non-humans had to sit and stare at a wall for three hours, crucially, without eating. And Lewis simply couldn't do it.

The cameras caught him wolfing down what looks rather like a little pot of chocolate cheesecake. To be fair, we probably couldn't control ourselves if we were within fifty yards of one of those.

CBB Lewis Bloor
©Channel 5

However, we can’t help but think Lewis has been rather hypocritical after he had a MASSIVE go at Christopher Biggins, James Whale and Saira Khan for breaking the rules by discussing nominations.

And, to rub salt in the wound, Lewis went to James to try and justify his actions.

"Mate, I keep falling asleep, I've got no energy," he bleated to James.

"I'm an active person, I'm 6ft 4. I've had no protein."

But is being 6ft 4 really an excuse? Lewis blasted the nomination chatterers for being old enough to know better. So…

CBB Lewis Bloor
©Channel 5

James told Lewis he didn't blame him. But one person was not so pleased: Ricky's fellow artificial, Ricky Norwood.

"We've all been going through it so we thought you could have held out a little bit more," Ricky told him.

"But, bro. I totally understand," he concluded, giving him a hug.

We LOVE the new assertive Ricky, especially after he took Heavy D to task for the foul way he spoke to Chloe Khan. Could we have a new favourite on our hands?


*CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. *

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