Is CBB’s Lewis Bloor flirting with Marnie Simpson’s COUSIN?

No, Lewis, NO!

MArnie Simpson Lewis Bloor

by Polly Foreman |
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Since Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson got together within approx. one minute of laying eyes on each other in the Celebrity Big Brother house, their relationship has been subject to intense speculation.

Many viewers (and Heavy D) were quick to label it a showmance, citing things like the sneakily suspicious fact that they have the same management as proof.

Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor

But we at heat are suckers for a cross reality show romance and HAD HOPE. Particularly as they literally looked like the most besotted people we've ever seen in our lives.

And they deserve an Oscar is that shit was fake…

Since they were cruelly ripped apart by Lewis' eviction, he has since admitted that he could be down to MARRY HER in five years' time.

They have literally been together THREE WEEKS.

But Lew may have just thrown a spanner even bigger than his ENORMOUS AND HAIRLESS peen in the works, as he seems to be flirting with Marnie's cousin Sophie Kasaei.

He retweeted one of those pics of her promoting a slimming tea all celebs seem to do, saying: "U look lovely here soph."


Sophie and Lewis had a brief encounter while he was inside the house when she entered as part of a task.

She said to the house: "For everybody who’s saying this is a showmance, can I tell you something. My cousin’s not a liar, she’s not an actress, she’s real.

"So whatever is going on between [Marnie and Lewis], just let them be because they’re having a good time."

She also addressed the peen (how could anyone not address the peen?) by pointing at him and saying: "SCHLONG."


Being, presumably, a very well-trained media man and not a complete and utter idiot, we're guessing Lewis' tweet to Soph was probably innocent and simply him trying to bond with the fam before he starts his long and happy life with Marns.


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