Lewis Bloor talks about MARRYING Marnie Simpson

These two DO NOT move slowly

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by Polly Foreman |
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Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor started getting it on within about 3 seconds of entering the Celebrity Big Brother house, became offish after roughly 30, and revealed their love for each other in approx 32.

So it's really no surprise that Lew Lew hasn't been coy when questioned about marriage.

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While appearing on Loose Women today, one of the panellists asked him: "We've read in the press you've now said marriage possibly, maybe there's babies on the cards? What's next for the pair of you?"

Lewis Bloor

He replied: "I think we'll have to wait and see, that is a long way off. I'm not someone who likes to rush into things. Getting this far for me and meeting someone and getting to know them as a person is a bit of a result for me anyway.

"I do have a five-year plan and I'd love to still be with Marnie at the end of it. If I am with Marnie in five years' time I'd be surprised if she doesn't have a ring on her finger."

Oh, Lewis, you TEASE.

Will Heavy D and the rest of the showmance brigade be imminently eating their words?

Lewis also shut down rumours that their relationship was for the cameras.

"Being without Marnie is odd, even though you only saw a little bit, I figured it out we spent over 550 hours together in 23 days. It's the world's longest first date!

"She is my girlfriend and I am her boyfriend."

The showmance rumours were made worse by the fact that pictures emerged of Lewis and Marnie together before entering the CBB house, and Marnie's ex Ricky Rayment told The Mirror: “I wouldn’t be surprised if [Marnie and Lewis hook up], I’m sure they’ve had a fling before. I won’t be watching.”

But Lewis offered an explanation for the pics during his interview.

"Me and Marnie met once a year ago and there was some pap pictures put up which were unfortunate for her ex at the time Ricky. And he rung me up and asked 'what’s happened? Did you guys go home together?'

Lewis Bloor

"We got in a cab with a bunch of people – there were about three taxis there – and went from one club to another, and pictures were put up. And I haven't seen her since.

"When I say the best thing about my experience was meeting Marnie was because we saw each other at an event. It was business.

"We met each other as who we are in there."

Lewis you CUTE PIE.

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