Lillie Lexie Grace made Stephen Bear CRY when she entered the CBB house

It was more excruciating than we knew it would be

Lillie Lexie Gregg

by Polly Foreman |
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Yesterday we brought you the completely life changing and alarming news that Lillie Lexie Gregg AKA Stephen Bear's ACTUAL GIRLFRIEND of this time three weeks ago had entered the CBB house.

Y'know, the one who'd been forced to watch from a faraway sofa as her BF GOT IT ON with Chloe Khan in the loo, the bedroom, the pool, and basically everywhere else in the house.

They kinda made us feel sick at times, TBH.

And we're guessing it was far worse for Lillie.

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In scenes probably up there with the most stressful we have EVER witnessed in Big Brother's history, she comes into the house as part of a task.

When she makes the most dramatic Big Brother entrance since Grace Adams-Short returned to the house in BB7, Lewis Bloor exclaims: "Oh my God it's Lillie."

Funny - that's EXACTLY what we all thought, Lewis.

Lillie then tells the housemates: "I was Stephen's girlfriend," to shocked gasps from all concerned (us included).

She then says to Bear: "Obviously, this was like the hardest thing I've ever had to do, to walk in through that door. I just needed to see you and look at you in the eyes."

Lillie Lexie Gregg

We literally cannot COPE.

Lillie Lexie Gregg
Lillie Lexie Gregg

If you can BEAR to watch it, you can do so below.

Bear looks like literally the most uncomfortable person in the entire world - we almost found ourselves feeling sorry for him (but not as much as Lillie, obv).

Later in the Diary Room, Bear seems to have a complete personality change from his coffee stealing, cocktail making side we've thus far seen. When Big Brother asks him how he's doing, he replied: "Well…" Then appears to be lost for words and starts crying.


It was horrid to watch, basically.

Also in tonight's show, Marnie Simpson's cousin Sophie Kasaei enters the house and gives her seal of approval to her relationship with Lewis. As well as mentioning his massive PEEN.

It's going to be a fantastic episode, basically.

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