Love Island’s Chris Hughes tries to FLIRT with Shannen Reilly McGrath in unseen footage :O


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Newbie Shannen Reilly McGrath wasn't in the Love Island villa for very long, but in the short time she was there, she certainly left her mark.

Most notably, she snogged Marcel Sommerville as part of a challenge, to the absolute HORROR of Gabby Allen, and the viewing public at home.

But since leaving the island, the Irish babe has revealed there's far more footage that didn’t make the final edit, which sounds like it had the potential to cause some seeeerious drama.

marcel kiss love island
Marcel and Shannen sharing a kiss

Yup, apparently our favourite Islander Marcel wasn’t the only lad to do wrong by his Island bae when he was in Villa Amor, as according to Shannen, sneaky Chris Hughes also put it on her behind Olivia Attwood's back.

Uh huh. That's the same Chris who told Liv he was falling for her last night. Our trust in men is at an all-time low rn.

According to a chat Shan had with The Sun's Bizarre column, Chris was being preeeetty flirty towards her in the villa, and even asked the model to share a bed with him!

“I was having so many chats with Chris," she told them. "He sat me down and said he fancied me. During the sex game, he was sitting on the far side from me and he moved over to sit next to me to make sure we did the tasks together."

Uh oh. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out how Liv would react to that one!

“At the swinging bed outside, there was a suggestion that someone would sleep there, and Chris put it out here saying ‘me and you’," Shannen added.“If I’d been there a few more days, I would’ve made sure I got what I wanted.”


We kinda wish that Shannen stayed a bit longer after that bombshell... It certainly would have made for cringeworthy telly, that's for sure.

However, she seems to have embraced being back home, and has since struck up a romance with fellow dumped Islander, Rob Lipsett, even though they were never actually in the same villa!!

You can find out more about Shannen and Rob, here.

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